Rules for flying drones still bad for businesses, for now


While private citizens have been allowed to fly drones of less than 4 kg as they please, business people like journalists need to wait six weeks to get a permit, take expensive lessons for months and ask permission from various government agencies. Not following these rules could mean thousands of euro in fines for business use. However, as of June 1st, the rules will be relaxed for the police, fire brigade and emergency services. In the mean time, the press and surely other business people continue to use light drones hoping not to get caught.

As of 1 October the rules for flying drones in the Netherlands will change for both private and business use. Business use of drones less than 4 kg will be the same as for private use, while hobbyists who want to fly drones heavier than 4 kg will basically be subjected to the same rules as what businesses have to follow now for all drones.

Drones in the Netherlands do come crashing down, sometimes they even crash and burn, but they also capture really cool stuff.

(Link:, Photo of Drone by Karen Axelrad, some rights reserved)

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