September 25, 2008

Reverse graffiti marketing on cars

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jordan carwash

You’ve seen it many times before, the dirty car or truck with ‘wash me’ written on it with someone’s finger. This time, the roles are reversed. Inspired by the trend of reverse graffiti, Pascal Boogaert of Pascal concept & copy thought up an outdoor campaign for Jordan car wash in Haarlem. Here we are plugging them too because their campaign is cool. Using a template, a sponge and probably some car shampoo, the campaign was clearly smeared onto cars, leaving clean messages about the car wash.

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August 15, 2008

Emergency car help strictly for the highly educated

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An insurance company in Dordrecht offers an emergency help service that caters to people with high vocational education, university level education and middle and upper management personnel. The company National Academic claims it can offer prices that are lower than that of the competition, ANWB (the Dutch automobile association) and Route Mobiel.

Although the car insurance has been around for two years, the emergency help can now be offered separately from the car insurance, which is why it’s in the news. The prices are lower because apparently the target group “is more careful with their things and has regular maintenance done more often.” They are also not clear on who falls under middle and upper management, which gets sorted on a request form. If someone lies about this fact, they will served but told to look elsewhere next time.

And yet this year if I remember correctly, giving women lower car insurance rates because they have less accidents was ruled sex discrimination. Just so you know. I can imagine one good reason why the not so highly educated take care of their stuff better: money, and not intelligence.

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November 4, 2007

36 blind people to drive cars

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On Friday, 16 November a group of 36 blind and sight-impaired will test drive cars at the racing circuit in Assen. Under the supervision of driving school instructors, the blind will learn all about driving cars. “Some people became blind later in life and want to have a go at driving a car. Other people believe it is a chance to fulfil a dream of having control over a car and get a feel for driving,” according to a spokesperson.

On the world famous car show Top Gear, a man called Billy Baxter, a British soldier who lost his sight after contracting a rare disease in Bosnia, sent a letter to the show and said he could drive round the track faster than this one guy with sight who wasn’t very good at it.


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