September 10, 2019

Transavia refuses service dogs, ruins girls’ vacation

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A while back we told you about a gym that refused a man with his service dog, and now Dutch budget airline Transavia is feeling the wrath of social media for refusing two girls on board with service dogs.

The two friends were on their way to Pula, Croatia from Rotterdam with their two dogs and their foster mother, but the airline refused to board the two dogs the day before. One of the girls said that they had booked the tickets in April, and that they have it on paper – the most important condition for them to be able to go away – that Transavia was fine with having the dogs on board. The day before their departure, the airline said that the dogs would have to go in the hold, and that led to this story making the papers.

Transavia said rules have changed and that too many people ask to have their dogs on board, which they wanted to put a stop to. “Some people will be negatively affected by this”, a spokesperson said. To add insult to injury, to make up for their crappy last-minute decision, the airline decided to give them dinner coupons. Problem is, the two girls both have eating and anxiety disorders, which is why they have service dogs in the first place.

Enjoy your negative PR, Transavia.


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February 10, 2015

Erotic story site accessible to the blind

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Dutch sexy story site (‘sex stories’) has made some changes in order to appeal to the blind and visually impaired, apparently a unique concept in the Netherlands.

First major tweak is having the story read by a sultry female voice instead of the computerised voice of the user’s software. I’m guessing this specific tweak is mainly aimed at men after a quick look at the titles of the stories. If you prefer to listen to a story instead of reading it, then anyone can enjoy the audio version of the stories provided a sultry female voice works for you.

For the ladies and maybe even gents feeling left out, I highly recommend Benedict Cumberbatch reading Casanova by Ian Kelly.


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November 4, 2007

36 blind people to drive cars

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On Friday, 16 November a group of 36 blind and sight-impaired will test drive cars at the racing circuit in Assen. Under the supervision of driving school instructors, the blind will learn all about driving cars. “Some people became blind later in life and want to have a go at driving a car. Other people believe it is a chance to fulfil a dream of having control over a car and get a feel for driving,” according to a spokesperson.

On the world famous car show Top Gear, a man called Billy Baxter, a British soldier who lost his sight after contracting a rare disease in Bosnia, sent a letter to the show and said he could drive round the track faster than this one guy with sight who wasn’t very good at it.


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