July 28, 2013

Ballet dances to 1977’s Star Wars Theme in cowboy outfits

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Back in 2007 we mentioned Showballet Penney de Jager dancing to Meco’s disco version of the theme of Star Wars on 1970’s Dutch TV show Toppop. This is that video.

In the 1970s bands would playback live—if that description makes sense—to their pop songs on television. Sometimes an artist would not or could not show up and Toppop solved this by having its in-house troupe, Showballet Penney de Jager, do a bit. As for why this pre-recorded routine contains cowboys and motorcycle riders, I don’t know.

In the mid-1980s Toppop was pushed out of the fish tank by Adam Curry’s Countdown which focussed on showing music clips instead of live acts. The ballet’s front lady De Jager, now 65, still performs. Her current troupe Burlesque Express is part of the travelling theater festival De Parade at the moment. The festival has set up its tents in Utrecht and will leave for its final stop this year, Amsterdam, in the week of 5 August.

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(Link: Boingboing. Photo of Penney de Jager in 1970 by AVRO, some rights reserved)

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September 6, 2008

The Silent Disco is a hit abroad

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Silent disco

The Silent Disco from the Netherlands is slowly making its way around the world. It started as an attraction at the Dutch travelling theatre show called ‘de Parade’ and now it’s going to be featured in London for the very first time. On 10 September they’ll be another first: Silent Disco at a live concert. The Fun Lovin’ Criminals are going to play for people wearing wireless headphones – no speakers. The first 650 tickets are being given away via Facebook.
Also performing will be Dirty Pretty Things, Mystery Jets and Supergrass.

I went to the Amsterdam Parade once and watched the Silent Disco as it was on an open dance floor outside. It’s strange to see people dance, but not hear any music. It was definitely one of the most interesting attractions I’d had seen.

(Link: bright.nl, photo: odemagazine)

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