February 1, 2008

Another grueling driving tale

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A driver from Enschede who killed a 16-year-old girl while driving under the influence of alcohol in Germany cannot be banned from driving in the Netherlands, the Dutch public prosecution department said on Thursday.

A spokesman confirmed this is the case even though the German authorities have confiscated the man’s licence. The man will only be fined for not having his licence with him if caught driving in Holland, said ANP news service.

(Link: Dutchnews.nl)

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July 3, 2007

Cornfield art gets creator arrested

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tilburg_cornfield.jpg When the police discovered a man from Tilburg driving an SUV through a cornfield near Dussen last week, they tried to stop him, but failed initially. A chase with several vehicles ensued, until almost the entire field was obliterated and the man was apprehended. Turns out the co-creator of this maze was under the influence of cocaine. De Telegraaf has a bigger photo (source of the image: the police of Brabant).

Make of SUV unknown. The driver’s license was confiscated on the spot.

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