November 5, 2016

Food bank snubs the poor over Facebook like

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A food bank in Noordoostpolder, Flevoland has decided to refuse three clients access after they liked the competition on Facebook.

One of the clients who was cut off said the fruit and vegetables she got from her regular food bank are passed the expiration date to the point of starting to rot. She looked around online for other food options and decided to like the competition. Then she found out what she could do to maybe change food banks. While all that was happening, she went back down to her regular food bank, but instead of food, they handed her an envelop with a stern letter and told her to get out.

The competitor, who feeds people who earn too much to get food from the food bank but are in need of food, claims to have too many people to care for and tried to get food from the food bank for the woman in question, but was unsuccessful. The food bank refused to accept that they gave out bad food and then said they don’t want any bad publicity from people getting sick. Oh, and they were pissed about her liking the competition.

The competitor has decided to help that one client who was cut off after all. “If people are ruthlessly turned away, then they need to be helped. You can’t just let people starve”.

And that’s the state of affairs in a small village in Flevoland these days, pettiness at its best. Liking the competition came in handy after all.


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May 29, 2009

Dutch food bank founders receive international award

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A Martin Luther King Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded yesterday in Amsterdam to the founders of the Dutch Food Bank, Sjaak and Clara Sies, presented to them by Isaac Newton Ferris, a nephew of the assassinated US African American civil rights activist. The award is intended as a token of appreciation for those who unselfishly spread Dr King’s message of tolerance and equality, and apparently not just in the United States: last year’s award went to Job Cohen, Mayor of Amsterdam.

The initiative of Sjaak and Clara Sies has also helped emphasised that even though many outsiders keep calling the Netherlands “a welfare state”, the couple have clearly shown that this rich country actually has poor people.


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February 3, 2009

Amsterdam gets its first food bank for animals

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Cat food

The very idea that people have to go to the food bank in the Netherlands, considering all the money and resources the poor have at their disposal, is shameful and embarrassing for many Dutch people. Not necessarily for the people who depend on the food banks, but the general view is that food banks should not exist and are painful to talk about.

But there’s a crisis on, and according to Animal Rescue Nederland, the first thing poor people skimp on is pet food. Animal Rescue Nederland is currently talking to several pet food manufacturers about putting together food parcels for people’s pets.

Will a food bank for animals be less of a taboo than for humans or will people comment about poor people owning pets they can’t afford in the first place? I wonder.

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