August 11, 2016

Heineken pretends to care about people, gets caught out

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Heineken is seriously thinking about getting bars owners in Amsterdam to serve its beer with tap water on the side to promote ‘responsible drinking’ and bars owners are not thrilled at the idea.

For those who don’t know, a large proportion of bars around the country are stuck serving Heineken because that’s how they pay for their beer-tapping equipment and basically stay in business. Being shrewd in business is one thing, pretending to care is totally ridiculous and hypocritical. Isn’t the goal to sell as much beer as possible?

Normally I’d brush this off but ever since Dutch athlete Yuri van Gelder went from being ‘Lord of the Rings’ (his discipline) to ‘Lord of the Drink’ in the Dutch and international media this week for having consumed alcohol and being kicked out of the Olympics for it, it’s time to call Heineken out on their bullshit.

The Dutch have this party tent idea they set up at the Olympics and other major sporting events called the Heineken Holland House: a bigazz orange party tent for the athletes and their fans to have a drink and watch Dutch athletes perform on TV. After a Dutch athlete has a win, they often pop down to the HHH and let people applaud them and probably have a drink as well.

Heineken’s response to the incident was that they don’t sponsor, they only facilitate a place to party. Hello? The Dutch Twitterati published Heineken sponsorship contracts to make their point clear after which the beer giant admitted to not have expressed itself properly – no kidding.

And if that wasn’t stupid enough, beer competitor Grolsch started making puns on Heineken’s slogan “Heerlijk Helder Heineken’ (roughly ‘Delicious Clear Heineken’) using Van Gelder’s name: ‘Heerlijk Van Gelder Heineken’, which sounds similar. And look at how they drove the point home, suggesting Van Gelder drink 0% beer instead (picture).

Back in 2010 Van Gelder was dropped from the Dutch team for the Gymnastics World Championships after he admitted using cocaine. After cleaning up his act, surely training very hard like all athletes and now breaking the rules, he’s been sent home from Rio.

The way Heineken handled its position was lame and attempting to push water to go with your beer as some sort of responsible drinking is super lame.

Heineken, shut up or go home.


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December 10, 2010

O Christmas Tree on Grolsch beer bottles

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Dutch beer brand Grolsch jams out Christmas music with the Swingtop Philharmonic Orchestra, a troupe made up of some of the world’s leading musicians and sound engineers who play exclusively on instruments made from Grolsch Swingtop bottles.

A re-imagined version of the Christmas favourite by Ernst Ansch├╝tz has been arranged by composer Ross Power and is led by conductor Thomas Blunt, seven percussionists, woodwind players and a timpanist.

‘O Christmas Tree’ is the English translation of the German ‘O Tannebaum’.

(Link: christmasagogo)

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April 7, 2009

Dutch region of Twente to open ’embassy’

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The eastern provinceregion of Twente is planning to open what it calls an ’embassy’ in Amsterdam at the request of businesses who want to promote the region to a wider audience. The location will rent office space, serve food and drink, and be open to anyone interested in whatever Twente has to offer.

So far, all the possible office locations are in the Red Light District, making journalists’ life easier this morning with the puns and choice of photos. I can imagine that business people form Twente meeting Dutch and foreign clients in Amsterdam want to meet somewhere more pleasant than at the dreary Amsterdam train station plagued with the nowhere-near-ready subway station.

I think it’s a great idea, a nice way to connect with the some 20,000 people from Twente living in Amsterdam and obviously an excellent way to attract attention to the region. But what comes from Twente? Well, Grolsch beer (see photo) does, the only Dutch beer to really rival Heineken outside the country.

Come on, people of Twente, tell us more about your region and leave the fireworks factory explosion in Enschede and other nasty stories out of it!


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