April 25, 2010


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The coin to the left was issued in 1681 by the states of Holland and Friesland, of the Dutch Republic. It was a silver guilder design sporting the lion from the coat of arms of Holland. The coin to the right was issued by the Netherlands in 1973, and was I believe the penultimate design.

The last design had a 1980-ish look with grids and layers. It was replaced in 2002 by the euro.

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March 13, 2010

Half a billion euro’s worth of unclaimed guilders floating around

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Before the euro was introduced as a pan-European currency in 2002, the Netherlands used the venerable guilder.

Until 2006 citizens could still exchange their guilder coins and bills for euro. The deadline for trading in guilder banknotes is 2032, and the Dutch national bank (DNB) estimates there are still about half a billion euro worth of guilder bills floating around.

According to Z24, DNB bases its estimates on the missing banknote numbers. About 24 million banknotes are still to be traded in.

See also:
* Rules for trading in guilder bills (Dutch)
* Oxenaar exhibit in Museum for Communication, The Hague

(Photo by Robin Papa, some rights reserved)

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February 26, 2007

Interview with ‘money maker’ Oxenaar

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In 2002 the Dutch exchanged their adventurous banknote designs for drab, super-safe euro ones. For those who want to take a trip down memory lane and re-experience the Netherlands’ former “monopoly money”, CR Blog has an interview with the designer of many Dutch banknotes, “Ootje” Oxenaar who at age 76 is still teaching at the graphic design department of the Rhode Island School of Design. The interview contains several examples of his remarkable designs.

(Via l-rs.org)

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