May 28, 2015

Marzipan sweets branch out despite legal threats

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Last month we told you about beautifully crafted marzipan handbags from chocolate maker Jordino in Amsterdam who had received a nasty letter all in business French telling them to stop making Louis Vuitton handbags with the threat of being fined 40,000 euro for trademark infringement.

This week as I walked passed the shop to see if the bags were still there, Jordino did one better: they have now branched out into Gucci and Chanel bags as well. They were too busy dishing out ice cream to ask them why they continued crafting bags after the threat, but my best guess is Louis Vuitton was either told to get stuffed in Dutch or were completed ignored. I’m happy Jordino decided to keep making their beautiful sweets.

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May 3, 2011

Louis Vuitton’s ‘valuable’ brands top trash pile

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Last Saturday I wrote that I love buying other people’s junk at the flea market, but I have my limits. One person was selling dozens of Louis Vuitton bags on Queen’s Day, heaped together as on a trash pile, unloved and unbought.

A dirty blanket on the upmarket Apollolaan held these ‘valuable’ branded products, yet none of the intellectual property lawyers living there seemed interested in suing the seller for causing the sort of “irreparable damage” and “serious detriment to the name and reputation of Louis Vuitton”* that the company is suing Danish artist Nadia Plesner for. The French company fined Plesner hundreds of thousands of euro last January with the aid of an all too willing Dutch judge.

Plesner of course appealed the decision, and a fresh decision from a fresh judge is expected to arrive tomorrow.

*) Quotes lifted directly from the court order that Louis Vuitton presumably dictated to judge Hensen.

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