Cheese most popular “caravan food”


We’re in the middle of the six week school holiday period, so Dutch travel trailers have once again spread out across Europe. Not only do we have a reputation of traveling with trailers but also of bringing along our own food—what do you mean, we have to integrate too?

According to a study by insurance company Fortis though, bringing along your own food is in decline. “Only” a quarter of the Dutch still bring along foods (quote-unquote both by Z24 and me). Legend has it that we like to bring along our own spuds, but the study shows that the most popular caravan comestible is cheese, followed by chocolate sprinklings (hagelslag) and black liquorice (drop). Somewhat embarrassed I must admit the latter two make sense to me: hagelslag just goes well with French bread, and liquorice and iPods can help while away the long hours on the road.

Photo by Jon Sullivan, released into the public domain by its author.


  1. Wenslauw says:

    Bringing liquorice and chocolate sprinklings on a trip. It just goes to show what cultural indoctrination can do to a person.

  2. Márcia W. says:

    According to a study by insurance company Fortis though, bringing along your own food is in decline.
    Can it be because prices around here became very high?

  3. palau says:

    The decline could be because of the prevalence of the likes of Aldi, Lidl and Spar all over Europe, where one can get buy any number of transnational products.Knorr soupmix, for example, is Knorr soupmix, whatever the label’s language is.

    Drop on the other hand is a particularly Dutch form of substance abuse especially the bay-leaf flavoured stuff.

  4. Cavanaugh says:

    I have travelled a lot through many countries with my family and have to say that the cheapest and easiest way of doing it was to hire a caravan. It gave us so much freedom and flexibility that you just can’t get with tours or cars – go at your own pace, and see as many wonderful sights along the way as you can. As for cost, well cheap nasty meals like cheese and chocolate were enough to keep us going on many cold nights ;)

    Edit Branko: This comment came from somebody who rents out caravans. Since I am not 100% sure it’s spam, I’ll leave it up, but I have removed the link.

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