September 26, 2009

Nespresso most expensive cup of coffee

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Consumentenbond compared the prices of making a single cup of coffee in regular households and came up with the following figures, according to Z24 (Dutch):

  • Instant: 3 euro cent.
  • Regular (using a coffee filter): 4 euro cent.
  • Aldi pods for Senseo: 5 euro cent.
  • Albert Heijn pods for Senseo: 7 euro cent.
  • Official Douwe Egberts pods for Senseo: 9 euro cent.
  • Nespresso: 33 euro cent.

Of course, the real coffee snobs own (or want to own) their personal espresso machine. Senseo pods are called pads in the Netherlands, but when Philips and Douwe Egberts decided to export their product they wisely chose to avoid any associations with women’s hygienic products. The Albert Heijn figure was added by me.

I switched to Senseo myself, because using the regular method you never end up with just a single cup, and instant coffee is just vile.

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June 26, 2008

Run on vegetable oil now diesel prices are rising

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Daily AD reports (Dutch) that supermarkets are experiencing a run on vegetable oil, which car owners use instead of diesel as fuel. Super de Boer for instance noted an increase in sales between 50 and 100% in the past months. A spokes person explains that people are also hoarding vegetable oil simply because the prices are rising. Customers try and buy as much as 15 bottles in one go.

Z24 points out (Dutch) that the price of vegetable oil is rising too, so that the difference with that of diesel has decreased: vegetable oil is currently around 1.30 euro per liter, diesel around 1.46. Oil sold as fuel is taxed differently, which explains part of the price difference.

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