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Nespresso most expensive cup of coffee


Consumentenbond compared the prices of making a single cup of coffee in regular households and came up with the following figures, according to Z24 (Dutch):

  • Instant: 3 euro cent.
  • Regular (using a coffee filter): 4 euro cent.
  • Aldi pods for Senseo: 5 euro cent.
  • Albert Heijn pods for Senseo: 7 euro cent.
  • Official Douwe Egberts pods for Senseo: 9 euro cent.
  • Nespresso: 33 euro cent.

Of course, the real coffee snobs own (or want to own) their personal espresso machine. Senseo pods are called pads in the Netherlands, but when Philips and Douwe Egberts decided to export their product they wisely chose to avoid any associations with women’s hygienic products. The Albert Heijn figure was added by me.

I switched to Senseo myself, because using the regular method you never end up with just a single cup, and instant coffee is just vile.

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  1. Dave Two says:

    How are we persuaded we need something that we did fine without for the past few hundred years.

    What’s wrong with a cafetiere/fench press exaxcly. Why does it need a kettle attached and the coffee sealed in a little bag?

    If a cafetiere is too weak for you, use a Bialetti and save a fortune by buying loose coffee, non?

  2. Jay Vos says:

    A Bodum “Chambord” Cafetiere for me. Glass! Metal mesh filters! None of this toxic plastics crap from the easy peasy trendy machines! What about those Senseo pods/pads? Do you know if the company uses organic (toxic free) paper?

  3. Branko Collin says:

    Different companies may be using different materials. But if it bothers you, there are plenty tutorials on the internet on how to make your own pods. It appears that people aren’t universally satisfied with the selection of Senseo-compatible flavours on the market.

  4. Darth Paul says:

    Instant is just cremated coffee. Vile is putting it nicely.
    And what’s “one” cup of coffee? This is must be a Dutch concept.

  5. Mik says:

    Instant, “regular” or whatever Senseo are not real coffee.

    Maybe neither Nespresso is, but in this list it is the only thing that can be compared with the real Italian one.

  6. Orangemaster says:

    I put up with filter at the office (my office), I absolutely hate Senseo and I love a good stove top espresso. I think nespresso is reinventing the wheel and overrated.

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