June 7, 2018

The purrfect cat crime in Purmerend

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In a street in the city of Purmerend, North Holland, swimsuits, dolls’ clothing and baby blankets were mysteriously disappearing, something that was happening to several neighbours.

First, the neighbourhood blamed the children for misplacing their belongings, but at some point, there was more thieving and the thief had not been found. Local resident Stephan de Vries solved the case by placing a security camera only to discover that a white cat was stealing all the stuff.

De Vries found the cat’s owner who was on vacation. The neighbours hope that the owner will keep the cat indoors after his vacation. I doubt it, since most people let their cat wander outdoors as much as they can here, but it’s a reasonable request.

And they still have to find out the where the kleptomaniac cat’s stash is.

(Link: nu.nl, Photo of cat in a box by Hehaden, some rights reserved)

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December 18, 2015

Purmerend roundabout webcam makes top 25 list

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On a list that includes goats, elephants, a speedway and churches, the town of Purmerend has made EarthCam’s list of 25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2015.

This summer, the Archie software company had set up a webcam on a roundabout to test its software. For the fans, the stream has moved here after having been watched elsewhere 1,463,240 times.

At night the roundabout has seen mediocre graffiti artists and witches, and who knows what else, watch the video.

(Links: www.rtvnh.nl, www.earthcam.com)

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June 5, 2015

‘Magic’ roundabout in Purmerend viewed by 250,000 so far

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The first webcam I ever watched back in the mid nineties was that of a litterbox were viewers waited to spot the cat using it. Over the litterbox there would be different messages everyday like ‘send tuna’. If you caught the cat going to the box you were asked to take a screenshot of it (nobody had digital cameras or mobile phones with digital cameras back then), you could send it to the owner and he would send you something cool, I don’t remember.

The Archie software company in Purmerend has set up a webcam on a roundabout to test its software. Funny thing is some 250,000 Dutch people have checked it out and it’s getting traction. A journalist on Twitter who wrote about it said he witnessed a car that wouldn’t yield to a scooter, which they should do, making his viewing ‘eventful’. For anyone who wants to see how a typical Dutch town deals with bike paths and cars, this is for you. The stream is in 1080HD and looks good.

It makes me want to go and skate around it for a while. For all we know a happening is being planned. A marching band going around in circles, could be fun. Stay tuned.

(Link: nieuws.nl)

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October 20, 2012

Pedestrian bridge is 12 metres high in Purmerend

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The Milky Way Bridge (Melkwegbrug) in Purmerend connects the Weidevenne neighbourhood with the historic city centre.

It cost 6 million euro to build, and was designed by Next Architects and built by Ingenieurs Bureau Amsterdam.

The arch is 12 metres high and the bridge has 130 steps. The idea behind making the bridge this way is that the architects did not just want it to be a bit of infrastructure, but also a place where people want to be.

A second bridge runs underneath for bicycles and wheelchairs. This second bridge can be opened to let boats pass.

(Link: Bright. Photo: Next Architects.)

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