October 18, 2012

Soft porn actress Sylvia Kristel dies at 60

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Some of you may not have heard of 1974 French soft porn film Emmanuelle, which was a worldwide hit with both men and women, and paved the way for a series of seven similar films.

The lead actress who played in four of the seven film as Emmanuelle was none other than Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel who sadly passed away today at age 60 after a battle with esophageal cancer.

A few years back she recorded a Dutch version of Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Dieu est un fumeur de havanes’ (‘God smokes Havana cigars’) for the blog fillessourires.com.

(Link: www.nu.nl, Photo of Sylvia Kristel by Bewogen, some rights reserved)

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August 14, 2009

Dutch and Belgian bands cover Gainsbourg in French

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OK, there is one Belgian band, Zeker Weten, who does their thing in Flemish, but it works wonderfully, as does the rest of this original and unexpected compilation. Dutch artists such as Leine, The Spinshots and Juicebox, and Belgian artists (both French and Flemish) such as Suarez and Tom Barman & Guy van Nueten have joined in covering the master of contemporary French music himself, Serge Gainsbourg.

Brought to you by Dutch journalist and DJ Guuzbourg (aka Guuz Hoogaerts) who is now on his fourth compilation, has tried and succeeding in convincing the Dutch (the Belgians were convinced eons ago) that French music doesn’t make you feel inadquate, it makes you feel groovy.

Now comes the name dropping. The official CD presentation of Gainsnord (a term coined by our very own Branko of 24oranges) will be launched at Paradiso, Amsterdam on 18 September with local band West Hell 5 playing live (also on the album), DJs and VJs of the Amsterdam Beat Club, including yours truly, DJ Natashka. The cover was illustrated by comicbook artist Hanco Kolk and designed by graphic artist Martin Draax, bassguitar player of the Spinshots.

Update: Gainsnord website with music.

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