Women with partners prefer part-time jobs


Dutch women with partners are very happy with their part-time jobs and do not aspire to work full-time, a recent study reveals.

Professor Jan van Ours of the University of Tilburg who performed the study together with Australian researcher Allison Booth, told De Pers: “People often assume that [Dutch] women go for a part-time job to be able to raise children. But women won’t start to work more once the children have grown up. A part-time job is not an intermediate phase, but a goal in itself.”

More than 50% of Dutch women between the ages of 25 and 54 work part-time, FD reports. Within a heterosexual relationship it is often the woman who performs the most household tasks. This doesn’t change if the woman works more.

Meanwhile, the barbarous practice of alimony continues unimpeded in the Netherlands. Sure, let women work part-time, but don’t punish the ex-husband for his ex-wife’s lack of ambition.

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  1. Neil says:

    Sure, let women work part-time, but don’t punish the ex-husband for his ex-wife’s lack of ambition income.

  2. Emel Danisman says:

    i truly and completely participate this research’s results and opinion and what else…:) i don’t want to be a super-woman; a working hard woman, a good mother and a perfect wife….sorry for men….:)you have to work hard for us and your children…

  3. Orangemaster says:

    And Dutch women who do work full-time get paid less than men. but OK that’s an international problem.

  4. Emel Danisman says:

    yesssssssss…..!!!! not only dutch women, in all around the world, we had same problems,you are completely right again…so we did not want to work full time…it is a solution…:)

  5. […] Women with partners prefer part-time jobs, we wrote last year. In fact, 50% of all Dutch women already have a part-time job. And dads want in on that action. According to the New York times (via the Deccan Herald), one in three men either work part-time, or work four nine hour days: For a growing group of younger professionals, the appetite for a shorter, a more flexible workweek appears to be spreading, with implications for everything from gender identity to rush-hour traffic. […]

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