June 12, 2019

Educated Dutch men drink the most

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Every country seems to have different guidelines as to what people should and should not drink. In the Netherlands last year, 4 out of 10 Dutch people heeded the advice of the Dutch Health Council to not have more than one glass (no idea of the quantity or the unit) of alcohol a day.

Last year some 80.4% of all Dutch adults drank alcohol, with highly educated men drinking the most. Out of the highly educated, 7 out of 10 Dutch people didn’t follow the Health Council advice, while for folks with a lower level of education, it was 5 out of 10. The older Dutch people are, the more they follow the council’s advice.

Dutch men drink more excessively on a regular basis than women: 14 glasses a week for women and 21 for men. Again, no clue how much alcohol is in a glass. Heavy drinking is seen as at least 4 glasses a day for women and 6 glasses a day for men. Four or even six glasses is a night down the pub for me, but then not every day or even every week or month.

According to this illustration, the excessive drinkers are aged 20-24 and 65-74, while the heavy drinkers are 20-24 followed by 18-19. I’m guessing the older ones are retired – good on them.

I drink less than I used to, but I have to say the cheap price of alcohol in general lets me drink more than I did in Canada. You can buy half a litre of beer for € 0,50 and a litre of wine for € 1,50. Granted, it’s not the good stuff.

(Link: foodlog.nl)

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July 1, 2018

Dutch men adversely affected by cycling, study says

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In an American study entitled ‘Effect of Oscillation on Perineal Pressure in Cyclists: Implications for Micro-Trauma’, the all-male authors report that “genital numbness and erectile dysfunction in [male] cyclists may result from repeated perineal impacts on the bicycle saddle (micro-trauma) that occur during routine cycling. And if there’s a country we know that has men who into routine cycling, it’s definitely the Netherlands. Slots two and three are taken up by Denmark and Germany, with Sweden, Norway, Finland, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium and China rounding out the Top 10.

The study’s authors concluded that there was a strong linear relationship between oscillation magnitude and perineal pressure during cycling and that using shock absorption in bicycle design may reduce this perineal micro-trauma while possibly improving cycling-associated perineal numbness and erectile dysfunction.

(Link: improbable.com)

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March 27, 2017

Top 15 richest Dutch artists are all men

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Dutch magazine Quote’s list of 15 richest Dutch artists are all men, and with the exception of Afrojack having one Surinamese parent, they are all white. Six of them are DJs, five of them are Dutch-language singers, two of which are gay (one of them is a bit racist). The rest of these artists work in the classic music industry, with one in popular music.

The kicker is explaining the success factor of these artists, according to ING bank economist Marten van Garderen. “An important success factor is having good role models to follow. The world’s best football players like Messi and Neymar inspire children to play football. It’s like that as well in the world of dance music. Children grow up with Tiësto and want to be like him”.

Girls need role models as well, but this economist painfully points out that they are none at the top of the entertainment business in this country. Girls don’t usually grow up or aspire to be male professional football players, dude. Basically Van Garderen has confirmed to half the country’s population that girls have no role models to follow and because of it won’t make this list any time soon. That also goes for anyone who’s not white apparently.

15. Jaap van Zweden (conductor)
14. John Ewbank (composer)
13. Gordon (singer)
12. Ferry Corsten (DJ)
11. Hardwell (DJ)
10. Gerard Joling (singer)
9. René Froger (singer)
8. Jan Smit (singer)
7. Martin Garrix (DJ)
6. Afrojack (DJ)
5. Frans Bauer (singer)
4. Wessel van Diepen (radio host)
3. André Rieu (conductor)
2. Armin van Buuren (DJ)
1. Tiësto (DJ)

Last year, Quote’s top 15 was ever so slightly more diverse, while the first woman at 21 was paired up with a man. Quote’s 2015 list of Richest Women on Earth basically says women luck out with a good marriage or an inheritance in a tone that implies that’s all they can do.

(Link: deondernemer.nl)

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May 22, 2016

Demolition space for men opens in Rotterdam

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A bunch of students from the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam have decided to open up what they claim to be the country’s first ‘demolition space’ called Bij de Buurman (‘At the Neighbour’s). And everything you’ll read about it is for men, men and men, although I can’t imagine they would ban women, but it is ‘where men can be men’.

Besides wrecking all kinds of things with a baseball bat or a hammer, patrons can come there to have a drink and chill, presumably after they’ve trashed something. Bij de Buurman says their demolition palace is for “frustrated men between the ages of 25 and 50 who need to work out job and relationship stress”, according to two of the six students, men, who themselves don’t have any of these issues because they go out and drink instead, possibly with your money. Cashing in on your fellow ‘man’ is fine, but insulting them in the process is an added bonus.

The demolition space is in a container in Rotterdam-Noord and will be open is from 26 to 29 May and from June 2 to 5 June where a demolition sessions of 5 minutes will cost the men 20 euro. Women of Rotterdam between the ages of 25 and 50, if you have job and relationship stress and need to trash something, well too bad. Or maybe you’ll be joined by men under 25 and over 50 who feel left out, and the world will be round again

(Link: www.ad.nl, Photo of locked door by boetter, some rights reserved)

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October 14, 2015

Biggest bra sizes and interesting condom purchases

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Dutch online lingerie shop Pabo.nl, also Europe’s biggest, conducted its own survey into who has the biggest boobs and the longest dongs per province, something to briefly take your mind off the fact that the Netherlands is not playing in the European Football Champs this summer.

Women in Zeeland have lots of cup A fans, but Utrecht takes the win for the smallest boobs overall. However, Zeeland has about 10% of women ordering cup F, which no other province has. The cup B fans come from Flevoland, the C cups are for Utrecht, D cups Overijssel, and most of the bigger sizes go to Groningen in the lead for Cup E.

If you believe in condoms sales as a size indicator, North Holland and Friesland buy the biggest condoms. Friesland stands out as a province that buys twice as many flavoured condoms as the rest of the country. I wonder if they’re orange flavoured.

(Link: www.bndestem.nl, photo: ecollo.com)

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June 14, 2012

Dutch women enjoy sex less than men do

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According to a study by Rutgers WTF, only 60% of all Dutch women enjoy sex, as opposed to 78% of the men.

The study was held among 8,000 people. Rutgers claims it is the largest study on sexuality ever done in the Netherlands.

The number of women using birth control has dropped from 70% in 2009 to 69% in 2012. Of the fertile women that have sex but do not want to get pregnant, 9% don’t use birth control.

Acceptance of transgender people is low. One in five Dutch people prefer not to be around people who are gender ambivalent, and a similar number thinks there is something wrong with those who do not consider themselves clearly male or female.

(Photo by Flickr user Spec-ta-cles, some rights reserved)

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November 3, 2011

Too many women in big cities, not enough men around

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Well, we can’t just shoot women as if they were unwanted animals in the wild (at least not in the Netherlands) and we can’t tell them to go and live in smaller cities and ‘spread out’ (pardon the pun) like some politicians tell immigrants to do.

There are too many young women in big cities, as they go off to study and young men stay behind in the smaller towns, according to a professor in newspaper NRC. Statistic Netherlands backs this up too, saying that Utrecht and Rotterdam (as well as Amsterdam and The Hague if we count the four big cities) are full of females, too.

Knowing that more women study than men helps me believe this is true, but I think a better story would be why there are not enough men in the big cities, or that’s just me as a woman thinking out loud. In the regions of Oost-Groningen, large parts of Friesland, the Achterhoek, Limburg (not the South) and a few other patches, there are too many young men. Why do the men stay behind? If they don’t study more, don’t raise families and don’t take care of the elderly, are they, what, gaming all day? Of course not, hopefully, but I would like to know why.

And then there’s the ‘conclusion’ that “many women in their thirties are still single”, whereas my female brain reads that there are too many men who are taken at that age (and — surprise — many of them will be divorced soon enough).

Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Half baked.

(Link: parool.nl, Photo of wilted tulip by Graham Keen, some rights reserved)

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January 16, 2011

Fathers of young children prefer part-time jobs too

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Women with partners prefer part-time jobs, we wrote last year. In fact, 50% of all Dutch women already have a part-time job. And dads want in on that action. According to the New York Times (via the Deccan Herald), one in three men either work part-time, or work four nine-hour days:

For a growing group of younger professionals, the appetite for a shorter, more flexible workweek appears to be spreading, with implications for everything from gender identity to rush hour traffic.

There are part-time surgeons, part-time managers and part-time engineers. From Microsoft to the Dutch economics ministry, offices have moved into ‘flex-buildings’, where the number of work spaces are far fewer than the staff who come and go on schedules tailored around their needs.

The Dutch culture of part-time work provides an advance peek at the challenges — and potential solutions — that other nations will face as well in an era of a rapidly changing work force.

Radio Netherlands wonders if society’s demand that fathers take a more active role in the upbringing of their children will lead to new Super Dads. Surely men will have to spend more than just one Daddy Day with their children to earn that moniker? When the term was applied to women, it meant women with two full-time jobs: one at home, and one at the office. It seems that even in the gender equality debate, a man gets the same reward as a woman for less work.

(Photo by Eelke Dekker, some rights reserved)

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March 20, 2010

Vote for 50+ hunk of the year

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A cosmetics brand is looking for the best looking man of the Netherlands aged 50 or more.

Candidates include actor Tom Hofman, DJ Erik de Zwart (photo) and musician Frank Boeijen. The election is part of a campaign for the brand’s line of hair colouring for men.

Voting is simply a matter of studying 10 photos (one per candidate), clicking the Stem (Vote) button, and filling out and submitting your e-mail address.

It is not clear to me when the voting period ends, so vote quickly. The results will be made public at the end of April. According to the website’s disclaimer, the cosmetics people may use your e-mail address to spam you, and they will become the owner of everything you send to them, so be careful about what you submit.

(Source photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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March 8, 2010

Women with partners prefer part-time jobs

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Dutch women with partners are very happy with their part-time jobs and do not aspire to work full-time, a recent study reveals.

Professor Jan van Ours of the University of Tilburg who performed the study together with Australian researcher Allison Booth, told De Pers: “People often assume that [Dutch] women go for a part-time job to be able to raise children. But women won’t start to work more once the children have grown up. A part-time job is not an intermediate phase, but a goal in itself.”

More than 50% of Dutch women between the ages of 25 and 54 work part-time, FD reports. Within a heterosexual relationship it is often the woman who performs the most household tasks. This doesn’t change if the woman works more.

Meanwhile, the barbarous practice of alimony continues unimpeded in the Netherlands. Sure, let women work part-time, but don’t punish the ex-husband for his ex-wife’s lack of ambition.

See also:

(Photo of Jean Gautherin’s Le Paradis Perdu by Thierry Caro, some rights reserved)

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