Carnival song mocks liberal parties—“Behave yourselves!”


Duo Kwast en Krietje has written a song about the spat between the leaders of the two liberal parties in Dutch parliament, Prime Minister Rutte and PVV leader Wilders, last September. Wilders told the Prime Minister back then to “behave himself” (doe eens normaal in Dutch) during a budget debate.

At the time Wilders’ behaviour was widely held to be inappropriate. Dutch parliamentarians are generally expected to be civil, behaviour that is monitored by the chair.

Carnival is a time in which traditional roles are reversed. Each Carnival association (each town has one, large cities often have more than one) elects its own ‘prince’ who pretends to have taken over from the actual government, and songs and floats often mocks those in power. The tone with which this happens tends to be very light-hearted though—carnival-goers tends to be fairly uncritical of authority in daily life, at least in my experience.

Kwast en Krietje are from the town of Wanroij in Noord-Brabant, near the Limburg border.

(Link: Omroep Brabant. Video: Youtube / Krietje)


  1. eslaporte says:

    The whole problem here is that the Dutch political system allows both Geert Wilders and his PVV “political party” to exist at all…Are you also aware that Wilders has also been funded by radical right types in America and connected to those who want to actually kill and commit mass murder against Muslims and “Leftists enablers?”

    Over the border in Germany, the PVV “political aparty” would be labeled the menace to democracy that it is and BANNED! First of all, no political party can threaten the nation’s constitution in Germany, as Wilders has openly done. As I have said many times – don’t Dutch voters realize that their country would look like Germany 1930s if it ever got a PVV cabinet?

    Germany protects its democratic society – the Dutch should do the same when Wilders and the PVV are righfully on the garbage dump of histroy!

    We can suppose that the same political norms of accommodation as described by Lijphart – the PVV is a “political party” – so no real political actor dare challenge the PVV and Wilders, even as the PVV is a serious threat to Dutch democracy and free society. Everthough European royals don’t get involved in politics – it was inspiring to see Queen Beatrix label Wilders and his “political party” comments as nonsense! God bless Queen Beatrix! (…and if only others could follow!)

    Well – this is the same country that labeled Pim Fortuyn as a “hero” – even as he tore down Dutch national identity and traditions.
    Fortuyn, an Gogh, Wilders – hate their own country, are anti-Dutch and are distroying it – along with their VVD enablers!

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