October 25, 2017

Dutch girls world champions hiphop dancing

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World Hiphop- 2017

Last week the girls from the 2crew4u from Hoofddorp, North-Holland won the Hiphop World Championship 2017 in Copenhagen.

In an interview with two girls of this group of 11-12 year olds came the answers “I didn’t know what to think” and “I had to let it sink in”, both level-headed Dutch reactions. “Why is this group so good?”, asked the reporter to the coach in the video linked to this story. “The group is very disciplined and had a goal and went for it”.

Sadly, the group is breaking up. Some girls will move on to higher levels, some will stay at the same level and others will leave and do other things, not unlike their non-dancing peers. Follow the story link for a look at their performance.

(Link: nhnieuws.nl, Screenshot: HiphopWorldChampinshipCopenhagen2017)

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March 14, 2014

Dutch municipalities make 660 million euro from parking tax

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The most expensive parking garage in the country is in Amsterdam under the Bijkenkorf department store and at De Kolk, both right downtown. Both parking garages charge a whopping 5,71 euro an hour, while the cheapest parking garage in the country not too far from Amsterdam in Hoofddorp asks for just 0,80 an hour in a city full of commuters and big international businesses.

Amsterdam rakes in a cool 162 million euro of parking tax from parking meters and permits. In 2013 Amsterdam made a record amount of money from parking tax, to the tune of 166 million euro. Back then the price of permits went up, the paid parking zones got bigger and more ‘meter maids’ were doing the rounds. What’s really funny is that in October 2013 the city claimed that parking was no longer their cash cow (in Dutch), but still made a record amount that year.

In 2009 Amsterdam had the most expensive parking on the planet. See also: Amsterdam parking rates slashed.

(Link: www.binnenlandsbestuur.nl)

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