October 9, 2018

Sending Dutch troops to Norway without winter clothes

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It’s actually front page news that the Dutch military does not have to buy their own artic winter clothes for military exercises in Norway this month. A few days ago, the news was that the Dutch Ministry of Defense did not order winter clothes on time for them, with no explanation as to why they messed up, which probably means someone plain forgot or worse.

The military were asked to buy their own special winter clothes to the tune of 1000 euro per person, which was fronted by Defense. Defense claims it had to ‘possibly’ break its own rules on calls for tender to get the winter clothes on time to the more than 1000 military off to Norway later this month to carry out exercises. However, due to the time crunch, some military already bought their own gear.

What the hell was Defense thinking? Or were they thinking at all? Even Dutch Parliament was “very critical” of the idea of sending military who were given 1,000 euro to buy their own winter clothing. It may be 14 degrees in Oslo today, which is in the South of Norway, but it will be close to -20 soon enough in the North, and forgetting to equip your military is unsafe, dangerous and embarrassingly stupid.

The Dutch military have also had complaints about the quality of combat uniforms and even female military personnel have been forced to travel during work hours just to buy military approved bras.

(Link: nu.nl)

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March 27, 2015

Dutch spies thwarted by German windmills

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don-quixote-gustave-dore-pdGerman windmills are disrupting the proper spying on Dutch citizens by the Dutch military secret service MIVD, or so the latter complains.

The Ministry of Defence has complained to the municipality of Vreden (Germany) about the fact that it allows the placement of wind turbines so near to its spying antennas (14 kilometres), Ravage reports. Vreden has already limited the height of its turbines and is currently amending its rules for the placement of new turbines.

According to Webwereld, 25 Dutch citizens lost their jobs in 2009 and 2010 when the Ministry of Defence destroyed their employer’s business model of providing medium distance, high speed wireless internet (wimax). After the ministry had told Worldmax that it was forbidden to roll out its services in the entire north of the Netherlands, the wimax provider had to close its doors, losing dozens of millions of euro in the process.

Vreden is planning a farm of 24 wind turbines in or near the Crosewicker Feld nature reserve and is getting some resistance from its citizens, according to Münsterland Zeitung. The locals don’t share the concerns of the Dutch military, but are unwilling to have to look at the turbines all day. They want the distance from the turbines to their house increased from the proposed 400 metres to at least 500 metres. (This has led to an interesting legal paradox where the council members who live too close to the proposed wind farm are not allowed to vote on what constitutes ‘too close’. The Germans call this conflict of interest Befangenheit.)

Illustration: renowned windmill fighter Don Quixote by Gustave Doré, 1863.

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July 21, 2010

Government leaves Afghani interpreters to their fate

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Here’s one example where the Dutch could copy the US in a positive way: arrange special visas for the 102 or so Afghani interpreters that served with the Dutch forces in Afghanistan.

The Dutch mission in Afghanistan will be over and done with as of 1 August, a decision that led to the cabinet falling here in the Netherlands. It also marks the end of the interpreters’ labour contract.

Now that these interpreters have to return to their families, they fear for their lives, as the Taliban could find them and retaliate (kill them and their families). The US has a special visa programme for 50 Afghani and Iraqi interpreters a year. It is called “Special Immigrant Afghanistan or Iraq National who worked with the U.S. Armed Forces as a translator”.

The Afghani had expected the Dutch to do the same, but nope. The Dutch Ministry of Defense says NATO should deal with the problem, not the Netherlands.

Nice Christian values indeed.

(Link: binnenland, Photo of Uruzgan province, Afghanistan by Remko Tanis, some rights reserved)

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