August 29, 2017

Bringing back a truckload of beer crates

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Truck of beer

Students from the local beer joint in Dalfsen, Overijssel drove an entire truck full of empty plastic beer crates to the Jumbo supermarket to cash them in, about 1,000 in total. Beer crates and any bottles in them are worth ‘packaging deposit money’ (‘statiegeld’ in Dutch).

For three years, the beer joint saved up the crates and after deciding it was time to cash them in, they had to find a supermarket that was willing to do so. Other supermarkets turned them down, even Heineken turned them down, but the manager of the local Jumbo was ready to take the job on. It took four men to unload 869 beer crates with empties and 115 without, which instead of putting into the small bottle return machine were placed directly into the containers to go back to the breweries. The whole thing took two hours.

And how much deposit money did the students get back? A cool 3.620.14 euro, which may pay for a Jacuzzi and more beer, of course.

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January 31, 2017

Musician fined 380 euro for jamming on train

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Klezmer clarinettist Nathan Dillen and his brother were on a train from Amsterdam to Kampen, Overijssel when he was fined 380 euro for noise nuisance for playing the clarinet.

Unlike many other European countries, the Netherlands rarely has begging musicians in trains, and this was definitely not the case. A few passengers asked to hear the guy play his clarinet and then they checked with everyone else in that carriage if that was OK, which it was.

According to friends who posted the video below online, it was a nice happening until a ‘special investigating officer’ (‘buitengewoon opsporingsambtenaar’ or ‘BOA’) stopped the guys on the platform where they were changing trains and after which the BOA called over the police who fined the musician 380 euro for noise nuisance. And yeah, they missed their train connection and getting home was even less fun.

Music made by begging musicians, which is a rare sight here but does happen, is a no-no and maybe seen as more of a nuisance because it is imposed on people, which was not the case here. There’s also the fact that most begging musicians aren’t Dutch and often illegally in the Netherlands, which doesn’t help public perception. And if I can go out on a limb, the few times I’ve heard begging musicians, it has been clarinet and accordion players playing similar music.

So technically this was noise nuisance, but then it didn’t bother anyone. Dillen is planning to ignore the fine as well.

(Link: waarmaarraar, Photo by Flickr user Kismihok, some rights reserved)

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October 19, 2016

Man caught for trying to sell fake Van Gogh

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A man from Wanneperveen, Overijssel has been sentenced to nine months in jail with three months suspended sentence for trying to sell a painting by Vincent van Gogh using a collection of fake documents. He was trying to sell a preparatory sketch of the painting ‘The Harvest’ (close up shown here) for 15 million euro.

Someone who found out about the sale had the idea something was off and called the police. The man apparently had many dubious small companies in his name and already a bit of a bad reputation.

(Link:, Image: extreme close-up of The Harvest via Van Gogh Museum)

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October 14, 2015

Biggest bra sizes and interesting condom purchases

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Dutch online lingerie shop, also Europe’s biggest, conducted its own survey into who has the biggest boobs and the longest dongs per province, something to briefly take your mind off the fact that the Netherlands is not playing in the European Football Champs this summer.

Women in Zeeland have lots of cup A fans, but Utrecht takes the win for the smallest boobs overall. However, Zeeland has about 10% of women ordering cup F, which no other province has. The cup B fans come from Flevoland, the C cups are for Utrecht, D cups Overijssel, and most of the bigger sizes go to Groningen in the lead for Cup E.

If you believe in condoms sales as a size indicator, North Holland and Friesland buy the biggest condoms. Friesland stands out as a province that buys twice as many flavoured condoms as the rest of the country. I wonder if they’re orange flavoured.

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September 25, 2014

Old pictures of Zeeland tell their own story

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These pictures of the Netherlands were taken by a Northumbrian photographer and show what the Dutch wore some 100 years ago. The women are not wearing national dress as the source indicates, but regional dress because the Netherlands is big enough to have had different styles. True, the past was “crisp, sharp and as high resolution” as today. And no, the little girl on the left is probably not smoking, but enjoying a traditional ‘stroopsoldaatje’ (‘syrup soldier’), a small paper cone filled with syrup, which you can still buy today.

The woman on the right below with different traditional attire than the girls looks like a woman from Zeeland, like this woman and margarine brand Zeeuws meisje. Looking more closely at the photograph, the ‘cafe restaurant’ on the right has a sign that says ‘on parle français’, (‘we speak French’), which tells me this is Zeeland as it borders Belgium, and back then the Flemish spoke a lot of French. Research tells me the ‘book, music and art store’ in the back could be 1465 De Koninklijke Boek-, Muziek- en Kunsthandel van F.B. den Boer in Middelburg, Zeeland on the corner of Lange Delft and Markt. There’s also a woman on the far right dressed quite normal for her era.

For a modern-day version of looking at Dutch people wearing traditional garb, you can visit the religious community of Staphorst, Overijssel who still dress according to local tradition.


(Link and photos:, Tip: Thanks Fred!)

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March 25, 2014

Record amount won at Dutch casino

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In Enschede, Overijssel, a slot machine player has won almost 3 million euro (2,960,221,50 euro to be exact) with the ‘Mega Millions’ slot machines at the state-run Holland Casino last Saturday, making it the highest amount ever won at a Dutch casino. The player, who has chosen to remain anonymous for now but is 30 years of age, only spent 7,50 euro. The more people play these specific slot machines that only cost 0,10 euro per try, the higher the amount. According to an employee at the casino, the new millionaire was taken aback by all of this and has not yet made themselves known to the media.

In April 2013 another person from Enschede won 1,600,000 euro.

(Linsk:,, Photo of Slot machines by rusticus80, some rights reserved)

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December 10, 2013

Hobby exhibition uncovers piece of Dutch meteorite

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Registered as having fallen on 27 October 1873 in Diepeveen, Overijssel, a piece of a meteorite popped up at a hobby exhibition and may actually be made up of substances older than our solar system. The one shown here is the biggest known meteorite in the world, the Hoba meteorite in Namibia.

The ‘Diepenveen’ (meteorites are named after where they were found) weighs only 68 g and it just 5 x 3 x 3,5 cm in size. However, it is the fifth meteorite ever found in the Netherlands, making it very rare, according to Dutch expert Marco Langbroek. The rock is currently undergoing detailed analysis by Langbroek and his colleague Wim van Westrenen of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, which cannot be rushed as the rock is very fragile and needs to be handled with the utmost care.

The other four known meteorites have fallen in Uden, Noord-Brabant; Blauwkapel, Utrecht; Ellemeet, Zeeland and Glanerbrug, Overijssel.

For many years when I was small I lived in an area called Manicouagan (in Québec, Canada), which is apparently “one of the oldest known impact craters and is the largest ‘visible’ impact crater on Earth” of which Dutch astronaut André Kuipers took a breathtaking picture from space.

(Link:, Photo of Hoba meteorite by coda, some rights reserved)

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March 24, 2012

Dutch otter facing extinction for second time

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Inbreeding is having a negative effect on the otter populations of Friesland and Overijssel, nature preservation organisations say.

The Das & Boom Foundation and the Leeuwarden Otterstation are sounding the alarm and have asked (PDF) Nature Minister Henk Bleker to take action, De Volkskrant reports.

Because of Bleker’s budget cuts, no research has been done into the otter population since January 1. The letter writers claim that the same things as always endanger a healthy otter population, including fyke nets for fishing, extermination of musk rats, and traffic.

The otter disappeared from the Netherlands in 1998. A program was started in 2002 in which several dozen otters from Northern and Western Europe were reintroduced in Friesland and Overijssel. At last count there were approximately 60 otters in the country.

(Photo by FaceMePLS, some rights reserved.)

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September 21, 2011

Germany family hiding and living in Dutch woods

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A German family of two parents in their thirties and four children (11, 5, 4 and 3 months) is said to be hiding in the woods near Sibculo, Overijssel, just a few kilometres from the German border. They are hiding from the German authorities, as the court ruled that the kids had to be taken away from their parents for reasons the press doesn’t mention. They also own three dogs. The family is originally from Warendorf, East of Münster, much further away, but in a relative beeline from where they are now.

They have been moving around by bike with a trailer hitched to it since September, and the Germans want the Dutch to help them find the family, as they are worried about the children’s well-being. I still would like to know why.

If we can find terrorists, we can find a big family that can’t run, with kids and a baby, and three possibly barking dogs, right? OK, they are pretty cool travelling by bike.


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March 24, 2011

Unemployed air guitar star fined

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Air guitar star Tremelo Theun is duking it out over money with the town of Hengelo, Overijssel. Bureaucrats have calculated that in addition to his unemployment benefits, he has earned about 3,760 euro that he didn’t declare, accounting for some 43 gigs since 2005.

He claims that he’s only had 32 gigs, that he once received 40 euro for costs and that with a few exceptions, he hasn’t made any real money. Bureaucrats have decided to multiply it all up and give him a fine for not declaring his earnings.

Twice world champion air guitar has had to lawyer up to fight the man.
Stay tuned (bad pun).


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