March 22, 2017

Vote for your favourite ugly public art

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Photo by Peter Cox

Photo by Peter Cox

Dutch radio station 538 is asking their listeners to vote on the ‘Ugliest artwork of the Netherlands’. The nine nominees include a ‘pooping skater’ in Pijnacker, the awkward arch in Amstelveen and something I actually like, the ‘Big Funnelman’ (their spelling, not mine) in Breda.

Click here to vote!

(Link:, Photo of ‘Big Funnelman’ by Peter Cox)

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May 4, 2014

Proposal Base is a public art factory and exhibition space

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proposalbase-flickrIf you are an artist or somebody with artistic aspirations but lack the means to make your art a reality, a new initiative just north of Arnhem promises to make your ideas come true.

Proposal Base lets you pitch ideas for public artworks to be both built and exhibited at its location in the wooded hills near Arnhem. If a proposal generates enough funding and doesn’t break a small set of rules (it may not pollute, be racist and so on), it will get built.

There seems to be two catches. One is that the area will only be reserved for this purpose for a few more years and the other is that visitors aren’t allowed except during events.

Currently the site shows a list of sample proposals. A Street View-like Flickr page shows a map of locations where you can imagine your artwork. The folks behind the project describe themselves as a 3D printer for art projects.

(Illustration: screenshot of the Flickr page; link: Trendbeheer)

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August 12, 2009

Public sculpture exhibition in Amsterdam

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Artzuid is an exhibition of temporary and permanent sculptures in the posh Oud Zuid neighbourhood of Amsterdam. It will run from August 16 to October 26, but they already have a number of the sculptures up, blissfully lacking any explanation of who made what or what the viewer is looking at, for now.

The exhibition was put together by architect Roberto Meyer and Jiskefet actor Michiel Romeyn.

Update:: Of course, Trendbeheer has loads and loads more photos, which is not strange as one of their bloggers, Florentijn Hofman, also exhibits there.

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