March 8, 2014

Skull made of ‘cocaine’ by Diddo

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Boingboing says:

The work of Dutch artist Diddo, Ecce Animal, is purported to be made from “street sourced” cocaine and gelatin. The artist also describes the laboratory process used to determine the purity of the product and create the work.

Apparently the cocaine was somewhere between 15% and 20% pure, the rest of the white powder consisting of “Phenacetin, Caffeine, Paracetamol and a relative large percentage of sugars”. We’ll never know for sure, as the work was commissioned and the artist claims to have signed an NDA, but that hasn’t stopped publications like The Independent, Huffington Post and Vice writing about the sculpture.

Check Diddo’s other works which also occupy the space between concept and easy shock value.

See also: Skull-shaped bird house


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July 7, 2013

Diet Wiegman’s shadow sculptures

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Diet Wiegman (b. 1944) is an artist from Schiedam who creates sculptures that acquire an extra layer of meaning when light is cast upon them.

In English: his seemingly shapeless sculptures cast shadows that look Michelangelo’s David, Michael Jackson or the Venus de Milo.

Petapixel writes:

Using garbage, pieces of glass and other rubble, he creates a sculpture that, with the help of a light source, projects a beautiful image onto a wall.

You can stare at the photos for a very long time (trust us, we have) and it still won’t make sense that a carefully arranged pile of recycled items can produce Michelangelo’s David. Or that a pile of broken glass and a few other items can somehow produce a beautiful image of a sunset.

(Photo: Diet Wiegman’s Tumblr, where you can find many more examples of his art)

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July 26, 2011

A night view of the Art Zuid sculpture exhibition

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Last Sunday I revisited the ArtZuid exhibition, armed again with my camera, but this time at night and while it was raining.

I added the photos I made to our ArtZuid 2011 Flickr Set; the night photos start here.

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May 30, 2011

Art Zuid 2011

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Is art supposed to be elitist? It seems a lot of people did not get that memo, as the 2011 edition of the open air Art Zuid exhibition in Amsterdam drew quite a crowd this Sunday. The bashful sun did not hurt, nor did the accessible, often cartoonish art.

There are some more photos below the fold, and I will post lots and lots more on Flickr as soon as I have the time.

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August 12, 2009

Public sculpture exhibition in Amsterdam

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Artzuid is an exhibition of temporary and permanent sculptures in the posh Oud Zuid neighbourhood of Amsterdam. It will run from August 16 to October 26, but they already have a number of the sculptures up, blissfully lacking any explanation of who made what or what the viewer is looking at, for now.

The exhibition was put together by architect Roberto Meyer and Jiskefet actor Michiel Romeyn.

Update:: Of course, Trendbeheer has loads and loads more photos, which is not strange as one of their bloggers, Florentijn Hofman, also exhibits there.

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