January 7, 2010

Traditional Dutch food to go in Utrecht

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In 2008, we posted about Mailing food, an Amsterdam start-up that served stamppot and other food, and now Utrecht is following suit with a new chain of stamppot restaurants, with dreams of conquering New York City in the future. Stamppot to go opened ‘quietly’ on 17 December 2009, but should have a proper grand opening soon. Although stamppot is winter food, they will be open in the summer with summer variants.

For one, I’m thrilled someone is pushing food domestically that many of us here eat, counterbalancing the madness at pushing cheese on Asians in general who are quite lactose-intolerant or pushing the cheese slicer (‘kaasschaaf’) (a Norwegian invention) on Americans as the next best thing since sliced bread (pardon the pun). Although potaotes are South American in origin, smoked sausage is a Dutch invention and that’s what makes the stamppot a great dish.

(Link: zibb.nl, Photo of an endive potato mash with meatless sausage by Jasja Dekker, some rights reserved)

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January 12, 2009

New Year’s dive girl gets free cheese for a year

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Beemster cheese

What started out as a the traditional New Year’s Dive turned into the search for the 17-year-old blonde girl with the big breasts flopping out of her bikini top. The more ‘common’ newspaper De Telegraaf could not do anything else than print that picture and create even more news.

And now, having avoided the obvious news this picture created once they found the girl, the story gets interesting. Smoked sausage producer Unox, which sponsors the dive every year (she was wearing a Unox hat in the picture), offered the blonde girl free smoked sausage for one year. But lo and behold, she is a vegetarian and refused their offer. Then Beemster cheese moved in and offered her a year’s supply of cheese, which she went for instead.

I just know we’ll be hearing more about Luca the big breasted blonde this year.

(Link: rtl.nl)

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October 24, 2007

Worst case scenario – Hema’s secret on the street

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Hema’s famous smoked sausage is made by Unox in Oss, a disgruntled Unilever (Unox is owned by Unilever) employee told the Brabants Dagblad during the strike. Unilever and Hema have refused to comment on the comment.

Some 1,000 employees have come together in Rotterdam to try and get more say about Unilever’s future and want better working conditions, etc. All six manufacturing plants are on strike. And if the management pisses them off some more, who knows what culinary or cosmetic secrets will come out next.

If I had to guess which company made those sausages, Unox would be a likely candidate. The strike is news, but I’m not sure about the sausage bit. Smoke sausage is Dutch and was immortalised on a Dutch stamp this year.

(Link: De Pers)

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