February 1, 2016

Do you know your seven sins? Test yourself with Hieronymus Bosch

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There was never a better time to get your Bosch on.

The Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch, the town that one of the Netherlands most famous mediaeval painters was named after, has a major exhibit of most of Hieronymus Bosch’ works coming up in less than two weeks.

The Guardian calls it “the impossible”, an exhibition of 20 of Bosch’s 25 surviving panels in a small, local museum. The exhibit will run from 13 February to 8 May 2016.

If you are unable to make it to the museum, the Bosch fever sweeping the country ensures you can engage with the great painter in several other ways. The local newspaper, Brabants Dagblad, has an online quiz that will let you spin the wheel to find out how much you really know about the seven deadly sins. The questions are in Dutch and cover topics as varied as Doutzen Kroes, Roy Donders, frikandels, Mike Tyson, Snow White, civil servants, Louis van Gaal, FIFA, the biggest hamburger in the world, plastic surgery and David Beckham.

The paper has five other games for you, each one based on a different painting by Bosch, which can be reached through the quiz’s main menu.

If Dutch isn’t your forte, broadcaster NTR lets you explore the triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights. There are spoken versions of the interactive tour in Dutch, Dutch for children and English. If you just want to admire the painting, Wikimedia Commons has a huge photo of 30,000 × 17,000 pixels (223 megabytes). Should you print that file, you would need a wall of five metres wide and almost three metres high to display it.

(Illustration: screenshot of the Brabants Dagblad game, edited to convey the impression of spinning motion)

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July 5, 2015

Royal Academy of Art graduation exhibit 2015

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Friday I went to the graduation show of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and today I visited its counterpart in The Hague.

Bachelor and Master students in 10 disciplines displayed their works.

Check a large photo review of the show on our Flickr account. Art blog Trendbeheer also went to The Hague and published their report. (Check out their reports of other Dutch art academies too.)

The Graduation Festival 2015 can be visited until Thursday.


Roos van de Kieft, Embody.


Liza Pace, Going Solo.


Marlies van Stolk’s “Tacky Couture”.

Top image: Amal Habti, Building Bridges. You can cross this bridge, but only with the cooperation of ‘the other’.

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July 4, 2015

Rietveld academy graduation show 2015

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Yesterday I went to the Rietveld art academy in Amsterdam to look at the graduation exhibition and take some pictures.

You can find a full visual report on our Flickr page. At the time of writing I still need to add in the names of the artists and the titles of the works. Trendbeheer also took a peek.

You can still visit the show today and tomorrow. And if you can you should, photos rarely do justice.


McJesus by Casper Braat. They sold fries beneath the famous golden crosses.


Wouter Paijmans, Untitled.


A horse with a built-in bedroom by the mysterious Anna/Hanna/Hania Sobolewska.


Sometimes jewellery wears you. Draagmuur (‘load-bearing wall’) by Laura Klinkenberg.

Photo at the top: Jana Vukšić, Imprint.

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July 10, 2014

Rietveld graduation album now on Flickr

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rietveld-2014-olivier-oosterbaanAs promised last week I have posted my photos of the Rietveld graduation exhibition to our Flickr account, and then some.

Among them photos of the photography of erstwhile 24 Oranges’ contributor Olivier Oosterbaan who graduated from Rietveld’s part-time programme DOGtime. You can find more of his work at olivieroosterbaan.com/work/.

Other artists represented in the album, apart from the ones already shown last week, are Anne van Klooster, Aisha Fouad, Roza van der Wal, Soren Dilling, Keiko Oyamatsu and Esther Brakenhoff.

See also: Don’t DIY Days – Part 2

(Illustration: Olivier Oosterbaan)

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July 14, 2012

Dré Wapenaar’s tree tent hotel

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Rotterdam-based artist Dré Wapenaar came up with these tear-shaped tents that can be hung from the stems of trees.

Four of these tents are currently forming a hotel in Borgloon, Belgium, where they are part of an open air art exhibit called PIT. A one-night stay will cost around 70 euro, according to The Pop-Up City. Trendbeheer adds that guests can have their breakfast seated on furniture by Ardie van Bommel, a recent Eindhoven Design Academy graduate.

The temporary hotel will be open for business until September 30.

Check out the Trendbeheer article for more photos of the exhibition.

(Photo by We Make Money Not Art / Régine Debatty, some rights reserved.)

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June 18, 2012

Photo expo shows 24 hours of Rotterdam

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De Kracht van Rotterdam (‘kracht’ means power, strength) is a photo exhibition and contest in which 12 photographers, one for each neighbourhood of the city, show many facets of the largest port of the Netherlands.

The photographers had to base their pictures on a poem by Jules Deelder and Jana Beranová, and each had to shoot four photos within 24 hours. Click on the photographers’ names to see their works, a short bio, and a map that shows where in Rotterdam the photos were taken.

Starting July 2 there will be an exhibit in the streets of Rotterdam. The exact locations will be announced on the website. On that same day, Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb will award one photo with a prize of 3,500 euro at one of the locations. The exhibit will run until September.

From the website:

We should not just show [the power of Rotterdam] in the media and in museums, but also and especially outside these institutions, in the city itself. The people of Rotterdam can be found on the road more often than in a museum. Show Rotterdammers what their city looks like, what the city can do, what it does and achieves. Show South how North sleeps, show Hilligersberg an afternoon in Charlois, and show that there really isn’t much that separates dreams, ambitions and possibilities.

Shown here is the harbour area of Hoogvliet Pernis, as portrayed by Jet van Schie who graduated in 2005 from the Willem de Kooning academy.

Update 19-6-2012: I had a quick chat with the organiser, and have merged the info she gave me with the article—Branko.

(Link: Trendbeheer)

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October 11, 2011

Reporter nicks 30 kg worth of Khadaffi’s stuff, isn’t sorry

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Business news site z24 reports that Harald Doornbos, a Dutch reporter who works for press agency GPD amongst others, has taken 30 kilos worth of goods from former Libyan president Khadaffi’s home.

The alleged loot contains a map, family photos, posters and the passport of the cat of the dictator. Legal experts told the news site that even though it is doubtful that Khadaffi would or could take any legal action, the provisional government could claim ownership of the ex-leader’s possessions.

Doornbos announced this on October 5 on Twitter.

When confronted with the legality of his actions, Doornbos tweeted cryptically: “That is why I haven’t lived in the Netherlands for 18 years.” Later: “If I had not taken these things, they would have been burned half an hour later anyway, good bye history.” Even later: “Discussion closed. You can see stuff in a museum/gallery in the Netherlands soon. Suggestions [for a venue, presumably] still welcome.”

(Photo of a karikature of Gadaffi in Benghazi by Maher27777, who released it into the public domain)

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March 22, 2010

Remarkable weapons on display in Delft

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The Dutch Army Museum is exhibiting 100 of its most remarkable weapons. Among them is this brass knuckles slash revolver slash dagger (slash!).

Apart from this perfect way to shoot yourself in the chest while trying to knock somebody out, hidden weapons such as ballpoint pens, walking sticks and belt buckles are also on display. Moreover, personal arms of Prince Bernhard, General Snijders and a gun that was used by the 1975 Malukan train hijackers will be shown.

The exhibition will run from March 18 to October 31.

(Source image: legermuseum.nl. Link: RTL Nieuws.)

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March 28, 2009

Photos by Marleen Sleeuwits and Marsel Loermans

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An exhibition of the photographic work of Marleen Sleeuwits and Marsel Loermans will run until April 25 at gallery Liefhertje & De Grote Witte Reus in the Hague.

Sleeuwits photographed brightly lit empty spaces, where without knowing the context you get to wonder why such a spot deserves bright lights in the first place. Loermans made highly detailed portraits of nuns called the Dochters der Wijsheid (Daugthers of Wisdom).

Says Trendbeheer (Dutch):

They appear opposites. The work of Marleen Sleeuwits has eliminated man completely, whereas Marsel Loermans and Anton Spruit are only about the human factor, but at Lief Hertje & Grote Witte Reus their work is displayed side by side.


Loermans, Spruit and Sleeuwits share a love for sharpness and detail, and the resulting photos seem to lose realism because of that. Sleeuwits’ rooms appear almost alien, and the portraits of Loermans and Spruit look as if they’ve already been embalmed.

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