July 10, 2014

Rietveld graduation album now on Flickr

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rietveld-2014-olivier-oosterbaanAs promised last week I have posted my photos of the Rietveld graduation exhibition to our Flickr account, and then some.

Among them photos of the photography of erstwhile 24 Oranges’ contributor Olivier Oosterbaan who graduated from Rietveld’s part-time programme DOGtime. You can find more of his work at olivieroosterbaan.com/work/.

Other artists represented in the album, apart from the ones already shown last week, are Anne van Klooster, Aisha Fouad, Roza van der Wal, Soren Dilling, Keiko Oyamatsu and Esther Brakenhoff.

See also: Don’t DIY Days – Part 2

(Illustration: Olivier Oosterbaan)

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February 13, 2014

Rietveld Schröder house in Utrecht gets immortalized in Lego

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British Lego fan Nick Barrett, who is into making his own creations with Lego, has completed a lovely version of the famous Rietveld Schröder house, located in Utrecht, including its interior and furniture, Rietveld design chairs and all.

Tons more pics by Barrett of the house here.

Have a gander at other Lego creations we’ve written about:

(Link: www.duic.nl, Photo by Nick Barrett)

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May 6, 2011

Art student = 1, Louis Vuitton = the big goose egg, (O)

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The verdict is in: Amsterdam based Danish artist Nadia Plesner who attends the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam successfully defended herself against major French brand Louis Vuitton. Plesner used a depiction of an LV bag in a painting entitled Darfurnica for which Louis Vuitton tried to sue her for 5,000 euro a day for using their image.

“The court in The Hague ruled that Plesner’s right to freedom of expression through her work weighed more heavily than Louis Vuitton’s right to protect its property. The use of the bag in the painting is both functional and in proportion, the court said,” according to Dutchnews. Case closed.

(Link: dutchnews.nl, Photo: Nadia Plesner)

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August 20, 2008

Looking for open source furniture

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Dear lazyweb. As I am a complete troglodyte in matters of taste and style—something I am obviously trying to mask by using fancy words for “caveman”—and I need to make myself a small cabinet to keep magazines in and drinks on, I find myself looking for “open source” furniture. And finding none. Indeed, the closest I am getting so far are the designs of De Stijl giant Gerrit Rietveld, who apparently created some designs for cheap furniture made out crates during The Crisis of the 1930s.

The Rietveld-Schröderhuis website mentions a brochure made by Rietveld for the Commission Concerning Household Education and Family Leadership called Meubels om zelf te maken (Furniture You Can Make Yourself), created around 1943, 1944, but probably never published. Oddly enough, Paul Ket has low-res scans of this brochure on his website, and Brian C. Keith has even created detailed plans for some of Rietveld’s furniture (some of Rietveld’s designs are public domain in the US, I don’t know about the legality of the rest). If you’re too lazy, Rietveld’s grandchildren sell some of the designs as construction kits.

But to get back to my question: do any of you know open source furniture that I could use?

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