December 28, 2007

Branko’s favourite 24 Oranges articles of 2007

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Below are some of the 24 Oranges posts of 2007 I like best.

  1. Robotic library seat to follow patrons around – I for one welcome our robotic underlords
  2. National government bans electronic voting for now – not my government, but this they did right
  3. Prostitutes offer deflowering service for nerds – rates are IT level
  4. Priest fined for ringing bell at ungodly hours – this month he won in court though
  5. Canon of Dutch movies – Haanstra, Verhoeven, Maas
  6. 150 Parliamentarians micromanage job seeking strategies of a few dozen unemployed – let’s get these lazy do-nothings to work, the voter must have thought
  7. KLM’s flight personel get baby-making breaks – there goes the Mile High Club
  8. HEMA’s famous sausage exposed as just another Unilever product – a nation mourns
  9. Bird-friendly lighting for oil rigs – less distracting to flying critters
  10. Driver replacing driver who got stopped for drunk driving after replacing driver who got stopped for drunk driving, got stopped for drunk driving – I think I am dizzy now
  11. Floating luxury hotel made from rescue pods – don’t use these to rescue a relationship

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