February 9, 2016

Demolition company scores Delft blue tiles

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Last year in Southbourne, England, a wall of valuable Delft blue tiles (not the ones shown here) worth up to £50,000 (roughly 64,350 euro) was uncovered during the demolition of a Victorian house. The wall had 256 tiles in all, bricked in behind a fireplace. It was uncovered by a demolition expert who had also found tons of valuable letters and such during the demolition of JRR Tolkien’s former Poole home in 2008, many of which were located around the fireplace, the place to check.

“The remarkably well-preserved collection of hand-painted tiles includes some decorated with patterns, biblical scenes, rural settings, animals and colourful birds.”

(Link: www.bournemouthecho.co.uk, Photo by Morgaine, some rights reserved)

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July 16, 2015

Dutch students win electric car competition in the UK

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Engineering students from the Delft University of Technology have done it again, winning this year’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ Formula Student competition for the second time in a row.

The Formula Student competition requires engineering students to design, build and race a single seat racing car in just one year. Cars are assess on their acceleration, endurance, fuel economy, design and business cases.

Thousands of the world’s best young engineers were at Silverstone, Northamptonshire, England on 8-12 July. There were 135 teams in total, with 49 from the UK and teams from as far as Australia, Turkey and Ukraine. Team Delft claimed the prize at Silverstone this weekend with a total score of 909.3 out of a total score of 1,000 points. Germany’s UAS Zwickau claimed second place with 792.5 points, University of Stuttgart came third with 750.8 and the University of Bath was the top UK team, coming fourth with 748.4 points.

(Link: phys.org, Photo of the unrelated Forze IV hydrogen-based formula race car by Richard van het Hof)

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August 2, 2014

Louis van Gaal makes club owners richer already

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louis-van-gaal-paul-blankThe football season has yet to start, but new Manchester United head coach Louis van Gaal is already giving the club’s owners plenty to be happy about.

The six children of late American entrepreneur Malcolm Glazer are about to make a load of money by selling 5% of their shares in British football club Manchester United, Yahoo! writes. The share price rose steeply after the announcements of both Louis van Gaal as head coach and Adidas as main sponsor, going from 14 USD to 19.31 USD last Wednesday, raising the value of the club to to approximately 3.2 billion USD.

The Glazer family will make an estimated 155 million USD on the sale and will hold on to the majority of shares. In order to underline their intentions, the shares they are selling have reduced voting rights.

Earlier in his career Van Gaal won major awards with Ajax, Barcelona and Bayern München. In his previous job as coach of the Dutch national team, he managed to reach third place at this summer’s World Cup, the more impressive considering that most his players came from lesser leagues such as the Dutch Eredivisie.

Manchester United’s prospectus warns buyers that the club’s worth largely depends on successes in the European campaign, according to The Independent.

Photo by Paul Blank, some rights reserved.

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October 13, 2011

Boy George upset about Karma Chameleon in super market ad

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“Virgin Holland sold Karma Chameleon to a supermarket chain for 5000 euros, the dirty fucking shit-heads! And they have no fucking respect!” Thus tweeted British eighties’ pop star Boy George on October 2.

Not sure if he is upset about the money, about the clip, or about not having been consulted.

The clip shows a super market manager singing “Tweede komme-komme-kommer gratis”. In English: “Second cu-cu-cucumber for free. You get one for free. You get one for free-hee-hee-hee.”

Muziek-nieuws.nl mentions that in 1983 Culture Club song Karma Chameleon spent a week at one in the Dutch Top 40.

(Video: Youtube / Albert Heijn)

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June 6, 2009

Netherlands beats England at cricket

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No idea how special this is, but the Netherlands beat England at cricket, at the Lord’s cricket field yesterday—which apparently has a special place in the hearts of cricket fans. At some time during the match, The Times thought the game was in the bag for England and wrote optimistically: “Luke Wright scored a scintillating 71 as England set the Netherlands 163 to win the opening match of the World Twenty20 having been put in to bat under leaden skies at Lord’s.”

The tone of the press changed considerably later on as the game turned, suggesting that Twenty20 was just a young upstart version of real cricket, and that England hadn’t brought their best form. England scored 162-5 against the Netherlands’ 163-6, and that was, as it seems, it. “It took 125 years before we could experience something like this,” Dutch cricket association chief Marc Asselberghs told Algemeen Dagblad—though that appears to have been in reference to the luncheon before the match.

The only thing I know about cricket is that according to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it’s the rudest invention in the universe. (Oh, and what Jiskefet says.)

To the inhabitants of Albion who would like to reclaim some lost ground, there’s always fierljeppen, kaatsen and klootschieten (although the Germans rule the latter). Also, I am pretty sure the korfballers would be over the moon if anybody took some interest in their sport, one where the world championships are seemingly decided between Belgium and the Netherlands each year.

Link tip: Jon.

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September 10, 2008

Life-like drawing of an abyss by Julian Beever in Rotterdam

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English (says Wikipedia) artist Julian Beever went to Rotterdam this week to draw one of his world famous optical illusions for insurance company Centraal Beheer at the “Koopgoot” (Shopping Trough, not the real name of this mall). Check out his many other stunning trompe-l’oeils.

The text “Even Apeldoorn bellen” is the company’s catch-phrase and means something like “now would be a good time to call my insurance company.”

Photographer unknown. Via Advertolog and Dutch Cow Girls (Dutch).

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June 4, 2008

England to support the Dutch at the EC

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This weekend, the second most important sporting event in the world, the European Football Championship, will start in Switzerland and Austria. For the first time in more than 20 years, no team from the British isles have qualified, and as a result, the English press have gotten antsy for another team to get behind. Readers and writers of both the Daily Mail and The Guardian, two newspapers otherwise far apart, have picked the Netherlands as the team to support. The former selected 10 reasons why they would support ‘Oranje’, with “they like darts too” topping the list. The Guardian let its readers decide in what looks like a completely above-board and impartial Internet poll.

Via De Telegravin (Dutch). Souce image: The Guardian. The question was: “Who should we back in Euro 2008?”

Update 20:15: Arnoud Engelfriet spoils, er, spills the beans. Apparently the Guardian’s voting process was helped along by what the newspaper called “a triumphant piece of hacking” by the Geen Stijl-blog.

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