August 12, 2016

Junk food combos keep on coming

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The year of weird junk food combos is not over yet! Move over pancakes with fries, the discodel and the frikandellen vlaai for ‘Patatje 2.0’ (‘Fries 2.0’) named after cafetaria ‘t Huus 2.0 in Veenendal, Gelderland.

What it is? Straight up fries with a side of vanilla soft ice cream instead of mayonnaise, an idea one of the employees got from Sweden. The first thing that came to mind for me is Americans dipping fries in their milk shake, which my brain says I’ve seen somewhere before.

The picture above comes from Brussels: it’s fries with andalouse sauce, a mild spicy mayonnaise sauce.


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July 28, 2016

An ice cream man with creative accounting skills

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Last year we told you about an ice cream man from Maarssenbroek, Utrecht who rings his bell at night, pushes ice cream on children to get their parents to pay for it and does other nasty things. Albeit very different, here’s a contender for most questionable ice cream man: a guy from Uddel, Gelderland who makes calculations that don’t match his list of prices.

The long story is that one flavour of ice cream is counted as two scoops of ice cream, so if you want two flavours, you’ll end up paying for four scoops. If you feel like that’s not what you asked for, then too bad. The scoops are apparently as small as strawberries. Imagine what happens if you order for a family of four. If you need napkins called ‘happy hands’, he’ll hand them over to you and then charge you for them. And there’s no child-size cones, so that’s also quite expensive and wasteful I’m sure in many cases.

Munchies interviewed the man behind this creative accounting scheme who simply said he’s been in the business for years. He blames all his clients for not understanding his concept and if people don’t like it they can go elsewhere. He compares the ‘happy hands’ to paying for mayonnaise with Dutch fries, but then the price of the mayo is clearly indicated, while his napkins are not. Oh, and the amount of bad reviews he has on social media must mean something.

Let’s roll the clip and see what happens. In Dutch.

(Link:, Photo of unrelated Dutch rocket ice lolly)

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June 7, 2016

Just in time for summer: frikandel ice cream

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Just last week we told you about the ‘frikandellen vlaai’ and many other frikandel-related ‘inventions’, but we can now call it a hype.

Joining in is Roberto Gelato from Utrecht with a video of the owner listing off other frikandel delights such as pizza-frikandel from Urk, but then what about Utrecht, he says to the camera. Well, Utrecht is going to make frikandel ice cream!

According to Waarmaarraar, the ice cream is ready to roll. Foodies could combine it with Van Gogh potato ice cream and be all set.


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September 17, 2015

Aggressive ice cream man bullies Dutch village

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The town of Maarssenbroek, Utrecht is being intimidated by the local ice cream man and the story reads like a creepy Halloween tale.

The ice cream man rings his bell at night, drives too fast and gives children ice cream to then push their parents to pay for it. He’s also been cited for a lack of hygiene and ringing doorbells of former clients. He even dares sell ice cream on Sundays, which pisses off certain folks who still think Sunday is actually mentioned in the Bible as a day of rest.

Some say it’s the people pissed about the Sunday who are fueling the discussion and make life difficult for an ice cream man trying to make a living, others including parents of ice cream interested children say the guy’s antisocial and has to go.

Why anybody would be selling ice cream in pouring rain with 15-16 degrees at the moment is beyond me.

(Link:, Photo of unrelated Dutch rocket ice lolly)

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June 25, 2015

‘Van Gogh ice cream taste like potatoes’

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The city of Ede, Gelderland, working towards profiling itself as a food town (Dutch), has produced Vincent van Gogh ice cream that it said to taste like potatoes for its Vincent van Gogh year 2015. The special taste was inspired by Van Gogh’s The Potato Eaters, which hangs in Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum.

Earlier this year the mayor of Ede presented Vincent beer. Vincent beer, Van Gogh ice cream and tons of other food will be available during the two-day event Food Unplugged on 26 and 27 June, with 600 food professionals in attendance.

(Link and image:

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March 9, 2015

Weed-flavoured ice cream sold in Wageningen

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Besides pistachio, Antonio ice cream parlours in Ede and Wageningen are also selling ‘perfectly legal’ cannabis-flavoured ice cream imported from Italy. Owner Antonio Mulder says that it tastes like caramel and is made with cannabis seeds.

Like many other weed-flavoured Dutch products such as weed sauce for fries, it’s more about the idea of flirting with an illegal substance than hoping it could get you high.

Mulder adds that it’s probably not a good idea to suggest this flavour of ice cream to children, as it is more of a gimmick than anything else.

Photo by Eric Caballero, some rights reserved)

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August 5, 2008

Longest running ice lolly: the Rocket

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12 April 1961: the Soviet Union launched the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin.

1962: Ola launched a new ice lolly, the Raket (Rocket), and it has never (crash) landed since, making it the longest running model. It’s a simple ice lolly, shaped like a rocket, each of the three stages a different(ish) flavour.

The UK factory will produce 35 million Rockets this year, according to an article in daily the Volkskrant (Dutch), presumably hoping each Dutchman will buy two on average. The writer repeats some of the folklore about its popularity that’s been woven around this frozen hit: that the quality is high, that it’s got three good flavours, and so on. I don’t believe in that. I think the main reasons the Rocket has always sold so well is because it barely has any competition, it’s cheap, and it’s sold almost everywhere.

I remember that when we were kids, during the summers my mother, my brothers and I would walk to my uncle’s home in the forest, almost 6 miles from our house. Half-way along our route two old guys had put a refrigerator in their front room from which they sold ice cream to passers-by, and of course we always went for the Rocket because it was right in our price range.

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June 28, 2007

Beer ice cream is fine for kids

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How could you serve beer ice cream only to adults? Children should also be able to enjoy beer ice cream, according to master chef Leon Ribbens responding to the introduction of beer ice cream by top ice cream parlour Clevers in Arcen, Limburg, better known as ‘beer country’.

The Hertog Jan brewery together with Clevers brought a beer ice cream out on the market, specially for summer, called ‘IJs met Karakter’ (ice cream with Karakter beer). Co-creator Theo Clevers said that because it had beer, he will only serve it to adults.

Beer ice cream is also made by other companies and surely kids eat it as well. And what about bonbons with liquour and wine sauce on meat? And then there’s all the sugar in the ice cream killing the beer…

(Link: zibb)

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May 29, 2007

New, detour-worthy ice cream place in Amsterdam

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A new little hole in the wall that serves ice cream has just opened on the Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam, called Yscuypje (‘little ice cream cup’ in old Dutch, with a reference to the Albert ‘Cuyp’ Market). The sherbets are full of fruit, the ice cream is actually made with chocolate and cream, and the pistachio ice cream is pistachio green and not chock full of E412 (aka guar gum) and tastes like pistachio. Their ice cream machine is a top-of-the-line 30-year-old Italian device that costs as much as a big German car. The flavours are very ‘Amsterdam’, developed by the owners themselves, and the prices are very reasonable. You can also buy litres of it for home enjoyment.

(Link and photo: Kreukreuscopie)

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