February 29, 2008

DJing does not require two arms

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British DJ Carl Cox is known as the three deck wizard because he can handle three turntables using his two arms. Dutch DJ Sebastian Hoff aka DJ Promo will go one step further, albeit because he has to. This upcoming Saturday during his ‘Q Dance Presents Promo: Shadowbox’ in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, he will manage two turntables with one arm in a sling. Hoff broke his arm climbing over a fence to go fishing illegally and said that he doesn’t want to disappoint his fans.

Besides that people will wonder why the man’s arm is in a sling, I don’t see this as news or even as impressive. I can do you one better: Wicked Jazz Sounds’ regular DJ Missing Links only has one arm. Even his DJ name gives away which arm is missing. I saw him once during a Bossaboogie event in Amsterdam and he was great. I thought it was about the music!

NOTE: DJ Promo will be spinning hardcore (not that jumpstyle stuff) in front of 5,000 people, so in that case, respect and good luck!

(Link: dag.nl, Photo of Turntable by doviende, some rights reserved)

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February 28, 2008

Hiding child pornogaphy instead of stopping it

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According to Dutch columnist and publicist Karin Spaink, the KLPD (National Police Services Agency) have a list of Dutch child pornography sites in their possession and are not really doing anything to shut these sites down. Instead, they point to Dutch ISPs saying that they should filter these sites. That still doesn’t sound like shutting the sites down.

Although the list was secret, Spaink managed to find out that four Dutch websites were on the list, with hosters in Utrecht and Haarlem. After looking at the sites, the KLPD agreed that at least two of the sites clearly hosted child pornography, while the other two are still being investigated. According to spokesman Ed Kraszewski of the KLPD, their list only had foreign sites – before Spaink got a hold of their list.

Here is a list, readily available online, taken from the Finnish police. You just need to scan to see all those Dutch sites.

England, the US and the Netherlands. What was the argument for filtering these sites again? “The sites can’t be shut down by the police because they are often in countries with no legislation for this kind of thing.” (Taken from Webwereld, 23 maart 2007). Since when is Haarlem and Utrecht somewhere in Russia or Eastern Europe?

Just filtering sites is not enough. And UPC, the only Dutch ISP that actually bothers to filter child pornography sites, has a filter that doesn’t work, if we can believe the many comments left by UPC clients on Spaink’s blog who found out first hand what kiddie porno really looks like.

(Link Karin Spaink’s blog)

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February 27, 2008

Dead deer eaten by prey YouTube hit

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From the beautiful, rich yet small village of Ooij East of the Netherlands comes a website where you can watch how a deer gets eaten by other animals. Follow this link for at least 10 films.

In the first week of its existence, the www.dooddoetleven.nl website (roughly, ‘death comes alive’) was visited about 200,000 times. Watch 24oranges help with those figures! The films show buzzards, crows and magpies picking away at a dead deer. YouTubecurrently has these films in its Top 10.

(Link: ad.nl)

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February 26, 2008

Murder on the border

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Photo copyright 2001, Jérôme. Distributed under the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.

Imagine two detectives working on a murder case, each having to solve the same crime independently, with each only having access to half the clues: it sounds like a great recipe for a mystery novel. Unfortunately, the murder in the Noord-Brabant town of Baarle-Nassau last week was anything but fictional. Early last week a 26-year-old Belarusian woman was found dead in a former bank building straddling the border. Police detectives from the two countries each had to look for clues in their own half; they feared that if they literally overstepped their boundaries, any case they might have against a suspect could later be thrown out on a technicality.

Nevertheless, the Dutch Departement of Justice said last Friday that the cooperation with its Southern neighbours had been excellent, forgetting for a moment that the Belgians had let the main suspect escape, the victim’s 26-year-old husband. The Dutch DoJ then issued an international arrest warrant against the Dutch man who is still on the run with the couple’s four-year-old daughter. The case is now fully in Dutch hands because the body was found in the Dutch half of the building, and the main suspect is Dutch.

Although there are many more buildings in the world built across borders, the Baarle-Nassau case is special because half of the town, called Baarle-Hertog, is a Belgian enclave within the Netherlands. Wikipedia says that the municipality of Baarle consist of 22 Belgian exclaves in the Netherlands, and 5 Dutch ones in Belgium.

Via BN/De Stem (Dutch) and Brabants Dagblad (Dutch).

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February 25, 2008

Smoking pot using a balloon, the latest trend

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After 1 July 2008 smoking will be a thing of the past in Dutch cafes and restaurants. This also means that smoking anything in coffeeshops will also be banned. We already reported about one coffeeshop who jumped the gun and banned smoking as of 1 January 2008.

Local Amsterdam television station AT5 has already claimed that the new hype to circumvent the ban is smoking using a condom-shaped balloon. Pot is evaporated and placed in a balloon that really does look like a condom once fully blown. Using the ‘smoking condom’, one can take a toke without anyone being bothered by it. None of the reports say anything about exhaling the smoke though… we’ll keep you informed.

(Link: blikopnieuws.nl)

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February 24, 2008

Paul Faassen: colouring outside the lines

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Paul Faassen is a cartoonist who juxtaposes techniques to make a point. I came across his work yesterday when I was reading an article in the online Volkskrant when something in the accompagnying cartoon (no longer available) drew my eye. It took a second but then I realized what it was: the faces of the two men men in the image were drawn fairly realisticly, but the rest of their bodies was sort of sketched in. The drawing reminded me most of connect-the-dot type drawings, where some details are already filled in. But instead of dots there had been empty space, which the child-like artist had filled in.

The rest of his cartoons are like that too. The artist has used the connect the dots idea before, though in reverse: a fully naked man is looking down at his erect … well, what is? Connect the dots and find out (NSFW?). From a photo taken at a beach of a father carrying his son, the father has been erased; the subtitle suggests that the father was a Jew. (“Daddy, am I also one of the chosen ones?” the son asks.) And then he takes it even a step further, and uses an immediately recognisable stereotype of the emancipation of graphic design: a man at cocktail party has had facial surgery, but things didn’t come out quite right; the face is all stretched out. Faassen obviously achieved the effect by using the stretch tool in Photoshop. Says the man in the cartoon: “Did it myself! On the computer!”

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February 23, 2008

Rotterdam ethnic radio makes a comeback

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Ethnic minorities living in Rotterdam will soon be able to tune back in to their favourite local radio shows if the five local ethnic minorities radio stations get it right this time. After having been pulled off the air due to a lack of funds, the stations will be receiving additional grants from the SLOR (Stichting Lokale Omroep Rotterdam), coordinator of the local stations in Rotterdam.

The SLOR is prepared to give a one-off grant to the five local radio stations, which went off the air from cable last summer due to financial difficulties. The grant comes from leftovers of an amount that was reserved for beginner TV programme producers. Nos Raïs (Antillian), Atlantico (Cape Verdean) and Arabica FM (Moroccan) can now pay off their debts. Voz de Cabo Verde (Cape Verdean) and Ebony (Surinamese) will still need to find extra cash.

Why bother when there is enough Dutch radio to go around? According to Brahim Bourzik of Rotterdamse Allochtone Media (Rotterdam Ethnic Minority Media), communication in their own language is important, especially since the city of Rotterdam estimates that 60,000 Rotterdam residents cannot be reached by traditional media. Bourzik estimates that together Rotterdam’s ethnic minority stations reach some 20,000 to 30,000 people a day.

(Link: wereldjournalisten.nl)

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February 22, 2008

Shutterbug cat wins Dutch photo award

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De Kleine Hans (The small Hans) is a brand new photography prize and this time around, the winner is a cat. The award, also referred to as “the world’s biggest small photography prize,” was awarded this week to Mr. Lee, a male cat owned by Juergen Perthold, a German man living in the US. Juergen built a camera that he attached to Mr. Lee’s collar, which takes a picture every minute. The result of many wanderings can be seen on the site.

(Link: nrc.nl, Photo: Mr. Lee)

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February 21, 2008

Bonsai tree table by Anke Weiss

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“This table, which uses 150 bonsai trees, is the result of a research project about scale. The ‘network’ structure can be found in every scale: by looking in as far as possible (cells, molecules, etc.), or by looking on the natural human scale (veins, lungs, trees, riverbeds, maps etc.), or by looking as far out as possible (solar system, galaxies). Even representations of the virtual world (the Internet) resemble this structure.”

It’s nice and scary somehow, all at the same time.

(Link: dezeen.com)

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February 20, 2008

The soothing smell of oranges

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The scent of oranges is being used in an experiment to create a calm atmosphere at Rotterdam’s main police station, reports news agency ANP. The tests, begun in January, aim to establish if workers find the atmosphere improved and prisoners are less aggressive, ANP reports the force’s in-house magazine as saying. Initial results show the orange scent is having a calming affect in the cells and that demand for sedatives is down, ANP says. The experiment is now being extended for a further six months.

(Link: dutchnews.nl)

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