March 8, 2009

Dutch expat misses typical food in Germany

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This week I came to work in Munich and stayed at 24oranges’ third blogger, Eric. Eric is Dutch and has been happily living in Munich for four years. Germans keep asking him what he misses about his native country and it usually boils down to food.

What did I pack in my suitcase as a gift? Conimex Indonesian products from the supermarket. Dutch food is quite bland, which explains the Dutch’s prediliction for Indonesian food. (Indonesia is a former Dutch colony.)

Eric also misses the junk food ‘friet speciaal’, French fries with mayonnaise, ketchup and onions and ‘dropjes’ (black, sweet or salty liquorice sweets), the latter I also brought.

Also, the chunks of Dutch cheese sold at the store are way too small and the major brand is called ‘Pikantje van Antje’ (seen above retro version), the German symbol for Dutch cheese in Germany, served with German beer of course.

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January 12, 2009

New Year’s dive girl gets free cheese for a year

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Beemster cheese

What started out as a the traditional New Year’s Dive turned into the search for the 17-year-old blonde girl with the big breasts flopping out of her bikini top. The more ‘common’ newspaper De Telegraaf could not do anything else than print that picture and create even more news.

And now, having avoided the obvious news this picture created once they found the girl, the story gets interesting. Smoked sausage producer Unox, which sponsors the dive every year (she was wearing a Unox hat in the picture), offered the blonde girl free smoked sausage for one year. But lo and behold, she is a vegetarian and refused their offer. Then Beemster cheese moved in and offered her a year’s supply of cheese, which she went for instead.

I just know we’ll be hearing more about Luca the big breasted blonde this year.


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August 2, 2008

Cheese most popular “caravan food”

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We’re in the middle of the six week school holiday period, so Dutch travel trailers have once again spread out across Europe. Not only do we have a reputation of traveling with trailers but also of bringing along our own food—what do you mean, we have to integrate too?

According to a study by insurance company Fortis though, bringing along your own food is in decline. “Only” a quarter of the Dutch still bring along foods (quote-unquote both by Z24 and me). Legend has it that we like to bring along our own spuds, but the study shows that the most popular caravan comestible is cheese, followed by chocolate sprinklings (hagelslag) and black liquorice (drop). Somewhat embarrassed I must admit the latter two make sense to me: hagelslag just goes well with French bread, and liquorice and iPods can help while away the long hours on the road.

Photo by Jon Sullivan, released into the public domain by its author.

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May 7, 2008

Selling Dutch sweets in Morocco

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After one Moroccan entrepreneur decided to make Gouda cheese in the Sahara, another Moroccan in Rotterdam is going to attempt making stroopwafels – also originally from the town of Gouda – and sell them in Morocco.

You’d think someone would have thought of this already, but according to businessman Mimoun el Arkoub, no one has. He explains that Moroccans love sweets and many of them know about Dutch food, so why not sell stroopwafels there? He bought himself two huge machines to produce the delights and is getting ready to crank them out and sell lots of them.

One major flop of pushing Dutch fare I have heard about in the past and seen on TV was convincing the Chinese to eat cheese. From what the Chinese, the Dutch people I know who have lived in China and others have said, the Chinese are not big on dairy products in general and have a problem with the smell of cheese. I mean, have you ever had cheese at a Chinese restaurant? The appeal of a huge market like China does not mean that if you just market real hard, they’ll start eating cheese. How many decades did it take the Dutch to drink wine? Think about it.


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April 17, 2007

Gouda from the Sahara

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In September, the first ever cheeses from a new cheesemaker in the Moroccan town of Jerada, located in the middle of the Sahara desert, will be made and sold. Company owner Montassir Menouar completed his training in the Netherlands in Stolwijk, South Holland. The project, back by an association called Human Force, wants to help increase work perpectives in North Eastern Morocco. On April 19, Menouar will be saying good-bye to his teachers in the presence of the Ambassador of Morocco.

I think I saw bits of this on TV5 (Francophone television – Mr Menouar speaks French). Mr Menouar said he thought learning such a trade would help him provide for his family.


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