December 2, 2013

Singer Gordon accused of manipulating Top 40 list

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One of the authoritative hit parades of the country has accused artists such as Gordon and record companies of manipulating their positions by buying their own products, according to the chairman of the Dutch Top 40 foundation, Erik de Zwart.

Who’s Gordon? He’s the culturally insensitive talent show jury member who fired off ‘racist’ Chinese jokes on live television recently that in the end were indeed insulting to the Chinese candidate.

When determining the Top 40 airplay is also taken into account, contrary to another well established hit parade, the Single Top 100, making it susceptible to manipulation, De Zwart says. Gordon comes in at 38, 27, or not at all on major radio station lists. De Zwart believes that it doesn’t jive that Gordon is at Number 1 for weeks on the Single Top 100. Gordon’s response was that De Zwart was envious of him and trying to ruin his good name.


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May 8, 2013

Northern radio stations to broadcast live ambulance sirens

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If you’ve driving around the North of the country and listening to certain local radio stations, you will soon be able to hear ambulance sirens through the radio, a partial solution to people in their cars not hearing ambulances due to car noise or loud music.

The system will cut off radio signals from about a 300-metre radius around the ambulance and broadcast its siren for a short period. However, many radio stations are weary of this system, as they fear loss of advertisers. Another obvious concern is for anyone living near a hospital and hearing every siren that goes off from incoming and outgoing ambulances.

In true Dutch fashion, they’ll give this system a whirl for a year and see what happens.

Here’s what a Dutch ambulance looks and sounds like

Here’s a Dutch ambulance trying out an American sound

And for anyone who didn’t know, “You hear the high pitch of the siren of the approaching ambulance, and notice that its pitch drops suddenly as the ambulance passes you. That is called the Doppler effect.”

(Link:, Photo of a Dierenambulance (animal ambulance) by Alberto Garcia, some rights reserved)

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May 9, 2012

Dutch world radio service goes off the air

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Some 65 years after it all started, Radio Netherlands Worldwide’s Dutch service will go off the air this week on Friday 11 May. To mark the shut down, it will feature a 24-hour live radio marathon starting on Thursday 10 May at 8 pm UTC (10 pm local time) and run until Friday 11 May at 8 pm UTC (10 pm local time).

Hosts Karin van den Boogaert, Anouk Tijssen and Wim Vriezen will talk about the station’s beginnings, playing wartime audio from Radio Oranje and many RNW newscasts of important events in Dutch and world history. They’ll also touch upon special programmes on culture and language as well as shows aimed at expats, seafarers and truck drivers.

Although the Dutch service is signing off for good, they’ll also talk about the future of Radio Netherlands Worldwide, promoting free speech in places where freedom of the press is under threat. Basically, this is what they are being ask to push after the budgets cuts, making the best of a bad situation.

RNW is going off the air due to huge budget cuts, losing some 70% of their usual funding. Tons of people will lose or have already lost their job, while Editor-in-Chief Rik Rensen and his second in command Ardi Bouwers, quit in April over the cuts. RIP.

(Links:, – cuts)

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November 2, 2011

Being a radio bitch is not what you think

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Dutch radio presenter Frederique de Jong of BNR (Business News Radio) has decided to refuse her nomination for this year’s ‘Radiobitch’ Award. The ‘RadioBitches Award’ (yes, all in Dunglish, I can’t help it) are serious radio awards for female presenters, with a jury and not public awards. They also have ‘BackstageBitch’, ‘NewsBitch’ and ‘TalentBitch’.

Questions from the audience?

1) Nope, the men don’t have Radio Jerk/Asshole/Douchebag awards. They have serious awards too with boring normal names.

2) That’s true, swearing in another language is not as blasphemous sounding as in your own. Bitch sounds cool and a little more neutral to the Dutch. It’s more like being a tough and cool person than a nasty person. It also proves many people don’t understand that it’s a bad word and related to a female dog. Frederique de Jong doesn’t want to be a ‘radioteef’ in Dutch, either.

3) Yes, other people have had issues with the name and want it changed, but the media people in Hilversum (where all the media is) can’t be bothered. The women have not protested much or else the name could change, but hey.

So if women complain they’re not playing the game and if they say nothing, they’re just being female doormats. It’s a lose-lose situation. I think it’s not an empowering name for an award and doesn’t sound serious at all: having to make sure we know it’s a serious award proves how inappropriate the name is.


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October 9, 2011

Asparagus most popular vegetable among the Dutch, French beans second

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Radio show Vroege Vogels (Early Birds) held a vegetable popularity contest during the Week of the Vegetarian restaurant which ran from October 3 through October 9.

Perhaps surprisingly the top four comprises, in the following order, the asparagus, the French bean, chicory and Brussels sprouts (asperge, sperzieboon, witlof and spruitje in Dutch).

In total more than 30,000 votes were cast for 62 vegetables, the show’s website reports. Asparagus and the French bean finished 42 votes apart, the former receiving 1873 votes. Traditionally asparagus is eaten white in the Netherlands. Since the plant starts turning green the moment it breaks through the surface, it is grown in long mounds and dug out as soon as it cracks the top of its bed.

See the Dutch vegetable top 40 of 2011.

(Photo by Wikipedia user Janericloebe who released it into the public domain)

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March 8, 2011

A whole hour of airplay to band that breaks the minute

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The minute in which bands have to compress their latest hit if they want to appear on De Wereld Draait Door, the popular talk show hosted by Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, has long been a nuisance to 3FM radio DJ Michiel Veenstra. But now he has come up with a remedy: the first band that dares to play the full version of their song (regardless of whether it will be broadcast or not), will receive a full hour of airplay on his show.

Newspaper De Pers, which reported the action, has weighed in by promising a mention on their front page of the same band, and an interview in the paper to boot.

De Wereld Draait Door responded by saying they simply have to cut the songs short because every minute of music makes them lose 200,000 viewers, Veenstra reports on his blog.

De Wereld Draait Door, literally The World Turns, is a pun meaning both “there’s always a tomorrow” and “the world’s going nuts”. Veenstra is the DJ that decided to spin music at the North Pole back in 2007.

Illustration: De Wereld Draait Door logo.

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November 30, 2010

Radio station gives away chihuahua as prize

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North Holland radio sation WildFM felt like giving a prize away that was not the usual fare: a chihuahua, a type of dog that became increasingly popular once American socialite Paris Hilton was seen with one. Other unusal prizes the radio station has given away in the past include a breast enlargement (how very man friendly) and a dream wedding worth 50,000 euro.


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October 25, 2009

Fokje Modder elected ‘shame name’ of 2009

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Radio DJs Coen Swijnenberg (‘swine mountain’) and Sander Lantinga (wholly unremarkable name) have elected their ‘shame name’ for 2009: Fokje Modder.

Fokje had to fight other strong contestants like Constant Lam (‘continuously drunk’), Wil Krikke (‘wants to have sex’), and Englishman Ben Brack (‘have a hangover’) in an involuntary election of the oddest name of the country.

According to NOS Headlines, Fokje (pronounced fok ye) has never been troubled by her name, but she has never been abroad either.

Considering the amount of Fokjes whose last names end in -(e)ma, I would guess the name stems from Groningen.

Last year’s winner was Stanley Messie (‘small Stanley knife’).

Lantinga and Swijnenberg occupy the 4 – 7 pm slot on popular music channel 3FM.

(Photo by Flickr user Thelearnr, some rights reserved.)

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February 23, 2008

Rotterdam ethnic radio makes a comeback

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Ethnic minorities living in Rotterdam will soon be able to tune back in to their favourite local radio shows if the five local ethnic minorities radio stations get it right this time. After having been pulled off the air due to a lack of funds, the stations will be receiving additional grants from the SLOR (Stichting Lokale Omroep Rotterdam), coordinator of the local stations in Rotterdam.

The SLOR is prepared to give a one-off grant to the five local radio stations, which went off the air from cable last summer due to financial difficulties. The grant comes from leftovers of an amount that was reserved for beginner TV programme producers. Nos Raïs (Antillian), Atlantico (Cape Verdean) and Arabica FM (Moroccan) can now pay off their debts. Voz de Cabo Verde (Cape Verdean) and Ebony (Surinamese) will still need to find extra cash.

Why bother when there is enough Dutch radio to go around? According to Brahim Bourzik of Rotterdamse Allochtone Media (Rotterdam Ethnic Minority Media), communication in their own language is important, especially since the city of Rotterdam estimates that 60,000 Rotterdam residents cannot be reached by traditional media. Bourzik estimates that together Rotterdam’s ethnic minority stations reach some 20,000 to 30,000 people a day.


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December 31, 2007

Girafes currently listening to Top 2000 on the radio

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Since Christmas evening, the girafes of the Amersfoort Zoo have been tuning in to the Top 2000 hits of the year on the radio. This is the zoo’s way of making sure they don’t freak out when then hear the bang of the fireworks on New Year’s Eve according to head caretaker, Marjo Hoedemaker.

Every day the volume is turned up a little louder. On New Year’s Eve the music will be so loud that the girafes will not notice the sound outside the zoo. The music will be switched off three hours after midnight. Other animals in the zoo apparently don’t react to the bid loud bang of fireworks.

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